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We provide a safe and personalized treatment strategy for clients during their stay here in Lancaster, California. Our stance is nonjudgmental, and we extend a warm welcome to all individuals seeking assistance in our certified programs for drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

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Alumni Testimonials

What better way to demonstrate the effectiveness of the addiction treatment program at Design for Change than to offer the testimonials of our former clients? These individuals have overcome one of life’s biggest challenges and are proud to share their success stories with you.

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5.0 81 reviews

  • Avatar Marge McGrath ★★★★★ a week ago
    Design For Change thank you for the hope, guidance and knowledge of how to give self care. Joseph thank you for the vision and … More courage to start this program. Your staff is amazing and share their journeys openly and honest. Along with renewed hope and the tools to make the correct life change’s possible. Georgi forever grateful for you answering the phone and explaining DFC to us. Forever grateful to each one of you.
    I would highly recommend DFC to anyone in need of a rehabilitation.
  • Avatar Chris Lawdahl ★★★★★ a month ago
    Deciding to receive treatment at Design for Change, 1000 miles from home, is the best decision I have ever made. My time at DFC … More has absolutely changed my life for the better. I am beyond thankful for the counceling, administrative, transportation, and tech staff. I know I have found a life long support network that I hold closely to my heart and is there for me every step of the way. Physically, mentally, and spiritually. Never in a million years did I think I would be sad to leave a treatment facility, but I honestly miss it. If you are seeking help, it can happen at DFC!
  • Avatar Kevin Dyas ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    I was desperate when I reached out to Mr.Hunter for help of retaining manageability in my life.DFC offered me a stable and consistent … More environment for me to do some work and give everything over to my Higher Power of my understanding Anderson after completing residency and IOP I'm fortunate to be in a better place.Thank you guys and I would always recommend DFC to anyone willing to make changes in they're life. Kevin D

Design for Change near Palmdale California

If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse, call today to speak confidentially with addiction expert.

When you call our helpline, an admissions counselor is there to listen to you, answer any questions you have, and provide the support that you need — all 100% confidentially.

Our Rehab Programs

We Offer Flexible Treatment Programs

Treating addiction isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. At our California rehab center, we understand that everyone’s journey to recovery is unique. Let us assist you in crafting a personalized recovery plan tailored to your needs. Begin the process online by verifying your insurance coverage.

7+ Days

Covered by Many Insurance Providers

  • Safe detox from drugs and alcohol
  • Minimum time commitment
  • The first step toward recovery

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30+ Days

Common Starting Points for Patients

  • Begins with intake evaluation and treatment plan
  • Focuses on detox and initiation of therapy
  • Includes a detailed plan for aftercare

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60+ Days

Recommended for Long-Term Recovery

  • Time to learn and practice coping skills
  • Sustained time to progress in treatment, e.g., in outpatient or sober living environments
  • Longer time in treatment linked to better outcomes

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Design for Change Recovery

Drug Rehab and Detox Center in California

We are a fully licensed and JCAHO-accredited drug and alcohol rehab center and have worked hard to earn and maintain that status. Our goal is to ensure clients that we can provide the highest level of treatment available today.  To accomplish that goal, we offer the following treatment options and programs.

Design for Change

California Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehab Center Near You

At our California alcohol rehab and drug detox facility, we provide high-quality addiction treatment carefully designed to meet your specific needs. We offer a well-appointed and distraction-free treatment facility, where you can focus entirely on your addiction recovery.

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Sub-acute Detox

We provide 24/7 clinical supervision during our detox program.

Privacy and Confidentiality

We comply with all HIPAA and privacy laws for your protection.

Co-Occurring Disorder Care

We treat the whole person with integrated care for addiction and mental health disorders.

Post-Treatment Support

We help you create a tailored aftercare plan for long-term sobriety.

Insurance Options for Drug Rehab

We accept most major insurance providers, including those shown here.

Do you have questions about insurance or payment? As you seek help for yourself or a loved one, you may have questions along the way. Our experts can help you find the best fit for your specific needs.

Have questions? (877) 267-3646

Anthem Insurance
Magellan Insurance
Aetna Insrance
Kaiser Permanente Insurance Accepted Drug Rehab Center
Cigna Health Insurance: Addiction Treatment Coverage
Addiction Treatment Coverage

Our Drug Rehab Programs

We Offer Flexible Treatment Programs

We understand that addiction treatment isn’t one-size-fits-all. We’ll help you create a treatment plan that works best for you. We take pride in helping addicts and their families transition away from addiction towards a healthier, happier way of life.

Intervention Services

Staging an intervention can be a great way to get a loved one to accept that they have an addiction and agree to attend rehab.

Drug Detox

Our clinically assisted detox can reduce withdrawal symptoms and ensure safety during this stage in your recovery.

Inpatient Drug Rehab

Our program provides an array of benefits, including 24-hour clinical care, emotional support, and freedom from outside triggers.

Outpatient Drug Rehab

Our outpatient program offers you the freedom to continue working and caring for your family while in recovery.

Your Journey Towards Recovery Starts

In Just A Few Minutes

Feel free to contact us at your convenience by dialing our toll-free number: (877) 267-3646. Our certified addiction specialists are available to assist and address any inquiries you may have regarding our unique approach to addiction recovery.

Step 1:

Make the call

Making the decision to seek treatment for addiction is a big step toward a new life. Now that you are ready to begin, contact our addiction counselors today to begin your journey.  We will help you choose a program that is right for your unique situation.

Call now 24/7: 877-267-3646 

Step 2:

Take an assessment

When you contact Design for Change, our counselors will conduct a confidential assessment to determine the best treatment approach for your needs.  You will have an opportunity to take part in choosing some of the program options that you prefer.

Speak with an addiction advisor: 877-267-3646

Step 3:

Verify Insurance

You don’t want to arrive at the facility only to learn that your insurance doesn’t cover some of the treatment or none at all.  We will help you verify your insurance benefits and discuss any other financial arrangements if needed.

Verify insurance here

Questions clients ask

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that choosing an addiction treatment program can be a daunting task.  During the admissions process, you will have many questions about the program, the staff, what to expect in detox, and many more.  Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that could be helpful in making a decision:

How much does treatment cost?

The cost of addiction treatment can vary due to several factors. For instance, the type of treatment, location, length of stay, and amount of insurance coverage determine the overall cost. Other things such as co-pays, out-of-pocket expenses, and deductibles will affect the final cost. All things considered, the approximate cost of a 30-day program can range from $5,000 to $20,000.

What is inpatient drug rehab?

Inpatient drug rehab, also known as residential treatment, is a program where clients reside at the facility 24/7 while undergoing treatment. The purpose of inpatient drug rehab is to help a person focus on treatment without daily distractions and triggers that could hinder their progress. To ensure our client’s successful recovery, we provide a secure, supportive environment that promotes tranquility and healing. Our inpatient rehab can last from 30 days up to several months or more if needed. During treatment, clients receive a full continuum of care that incorporates evidence-based methods administered by compassionate, skilled staff.

What is outpatient drug rehab?

Outpatient drug rehab is a flexible treatment approach that allows clients to live at home while undergoing therapy. Individuals who don’t need or can’t commit to an inpatient program benefit from outpatient therapy. An outpatient rehab program is also ideal for people who have completed inpatient rehab or partial hospitalization programs but need continued support and guidance. Our outpatient programs provide a comprehensive range of therapies that facilitate healing. Typically, outpatient therapy requires attending meetings and counseling a few days each week for two or three hours each session.

How can I stage an intervention?

Staging an intervention for a friend or loved one may be the only way to get them to enter treatment. But, depending on the circumstances, a person’s response could be unpredictable. Before arranging any intervention, seek the advice or assistance of a professional interventionist. Their experience and training will ensure that the event achieves the desired result. The goal is to motivate the person to enter rehab right away so they won’t have time to change their mind.

How much will I have to pay for addiction treatment?

At Design for Change, we believe in providing all of the available information about insurance, private pay, and financial responsibilities up front, eliminating any confusion or misunderstanding about the cost of attending treatment with Design for Change. Our admissions team is available 24/7 to work with your insurance company and give you a quote for out-of-pocket costs (if any!). Each insurance company and policy is different, which is why our dedicated insurance team is available to help you find out what coverage you have for yourself or a loved one.

What does “clinical necessity” mean?

Medical necessity is a term that insurance companies use to determine a client’s eligibility for treatment. If treatment is clinically necessary, the insurance company will often provide the needed coverage to attend treatment. It is the job of our (intake/insurance/admissions) specialists to provide ample evidence of clinical necessity and advocate for our clients to help our clients receive the treatment that they need.

I don’t know my insurance ID number.

Our admission team is very diligent about locating policies with limited information. If you’re missing information, or even if you’re not sure if you have an active policy, we will gather alternative information from you to help locate your policy and provide the answers you need to help place you in treatment.

What type of therapy is offered?

Design for Change Recovery provides a full continuum of care that integrates various therapies for all kinds of substance use disorders.  After we verify your insurance, our treatment specialists will customize a program that aligns with your financial position.  The types of therapy typically covered by insurance include detox, outpatient programs, residential treatment, and partial hospitalization programs.  Our goal is to ensure that you get the best substance abuse treatment for your needs.  We will work closely with your insurance provider on your behalf to ensure the high-quality treatment you seek.

How long will my insurance cover treatment?

Insurance companies authorize coverage based upon an individual’s “clinical necessity,” determined by their physical and emotional condition, in conjunction with their treatment progress. Our Utilization Review Specialists will assess the client’s information regarding their past or current experiences with drugs and alcohol, emotional health, physical health, and current clinical, emotional, physical, material, familial, legal, and relational circumstances. All of this information will be used to coordinate care with your insurance company’s Care Management Advocate. Design for Change works closely with your insurance to provide you with the appropriate intensity and treatment duration using evidence-based practices.

What kind of insurance policies do we accept?

At Design for Change, we take most major insurance company policies. Design for Change takes both in and out of network policies, so whether you have a PPO or an HMO insurance provider, you will likely be covered. To find out if your insurance is accepted at Design for Change, call for a free consultation with our admission team.

Does insurance cover drug and alcohol detox?

Detox is a vital part of the treatment and recovery process, being the first stage of rehabilitation and the process through which our clients become physically stabilized. Our clients are often fearful that they must go through an extremely uncomfortable detox before entering residential treatment if they are to attend treatment. At Design for Change, we will be working as a team with your insurance company to acquire information about coverage for all levels of care, including detox, residential, partial hospitalization, and outpatient. We will gather all such information before admitting a client; in this way, we’re able to provide information about the recovery process from start to finish – from detox to outpatient – before a client steps through our doors. Detox is most likely a covered benefit – and we will work hard to find a detox facility that takes your insurance or even utilize a sub-acute protocol on-site at our facility if your insurance permits!

Will my insurance company cover my treatment.

Major insurance companies are well equipped to help clients seek resources for substance abuse treatment out of their local city or state. Our admissions specialists will be sure that during running your benefits and working with your insurance company to get you the help you need, they inquire about available facilities outside of your local area. Sometimes, it’s best to seek treatment outside of your local area, thus eliminating the temptation of leaving the treatment on a whim.

Can I use insurance for rehab?

Each insurance company and individual policy is different. However, Design for Change accepts plans from most major PPO and HMO insurance providers. First, our admission team will complete an initial assessment with you or your loved one over the phone, a process utilized to gather as much information as possible to advocate for you or your loved one to your insurance company. Second, we will call your insurance company to obtain your benefits as they relate to substance abuse. Our team will work closely with your insurance company to receive all of the necessary information needed to know if you will have any financial responsibility and exactly how much that would be. This information will allow our admission team to begin the process of customizing a treatment plan for you or your loved one that meets your financial position appropriately. At Design for Change, we believe in providing our clients with all of the facts, and working with each client to find a solution all parties can agree will be the most beneficial.

Do I have to tell my employer I’m attending rehab?

No! At Design for Change, your privacy is our priority. Federal law and HIPAA regulations have made it possible for individuals to seek treatment without concern of their private information being released to their employer, friends, family, or any agency without specified written consent signed by the client. Additionally, Employee Assistance programs (EAP) are widely available through most employers, offering an added layer of security to the process of attending treatment. EAP programs are designed to allow employees the ability to seek help without fear of losing your job, taking time off to attend treatment, or being treated differently because of the decision to attend treatment.

Does the Design for Change offer scholarship programs?

Design for Change does not offer in-house employment opportunities to clients to alleviate financial responsibility or out-of-pocket costs. Design for Change does offer scholarship programs to individuals who have insurance policies with partial coverage. Contact our admissions team at 855-997-1372 to determine if your insurance policy makes you eligible for one of our scholarships!

Can I use Medicaid and Medicare?

Unfortunately, Design for Change doesn’t have a contract with any State Funded Insurance. If you seek an alcohol and drug rehab that really works, please call us about rehab insurance coverage.

*General Information for Other Treatment Facilities* Medicaid and Medicare may cover part or all of the costs for detox and addiction treatment programs.  However, the rules for eligibility vary from state to state.  Also, the rules for eligibility change every year, so if you were turned down in the past, you may be eligible now.  In most states, Medicaid doesn’t require copayments for substance use treatment.  Some individuals have both Medicare and Medicaid and may combine benefits from both to cover the costs of rehab.

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Design for Change Recovery provides exceptional addiction treatment in Southern California because we take time to get to know our clients.  By understanding their personal struggles with substance use, we can customize a treatment program tailored to their specific circumstances.

Insurance Companies We Work With

Your Treatment Could Be Covered

No matter what level of insurance coverage you have, we at Design for Change want to hear from you. We offer a variety of different payment options. Please fill out the Online Insurance Verification form below to the best of your ability. We will reach out to you shortly with more information. Also, feel free to contact us at any time.






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Drug Rehab News & Information

Navigating addiction involves grappling with a complex and intricate condition. Our resources are geared towards helping you understand the profound impact of addiction on your life. We furnish the latest updates and present in-depth guides encompassing a range of pertinent topics.

Speak with an addiction recovery advisor.

You don’t have to do any of this alone.  One of our treatment advisors is always available to talk with you.  If you have questions or even if you just need someone to listen, we are happy to be of service in any way possible.  Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call us anytime day or night.