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Residential Program

Comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment where clients reside with us to recover from addiction.

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Holistic Therapy

Holistic addiction services including Sociometry, Psychodrama, Bio Sound, Fitness, Nutrition, Music and Art Therapy.

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Outpatient Program

The length of addiction treatment correlates with recovery success. Our Outpatient Treatment option offers ongoing support with a focus on family, marital and job issues, triggers and relapse prevention..

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How Do I Transfer from a Treatment Therapist to a New Therapist?

After Care

Relapse prevention services for those who have completed our Residential and Outpatient Programs.

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A concerned family plans a heroin addiction intervention.


Credentialed drug and alcohol interventionists can help you coax a loved one into treatment and ultimately recovery.

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Family Program

Addiction impacts the whole family. Naturally, we offer addiction services for our client’s family members and loved ones.

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Recover for Life

Design For Change is a full service addiction recovery center in Lancaster, California that offers tiered levels of treatment for drug addiction and alcoholism. Located in beautiful Southern California, our residential alcohol and drug rehab offers the ideal environment for beginning the addiction recovery process. Our individualized care provides a holistic approach to treatment, harnessing the 12-steps and evidence based practices that boast continued high success rates. When clients come to our addiction treatment center in Lancaster, they can enjoy unparalleled piece of mind. Our programs focus on more than just dealing with the physical aspects of addiction, but are designed as comprehensive individual wellness solutions that target both the mind and body.

We understand the difficulty of finding an addiction rehab center in Lancaster that is both affordable and effective. We pride ourselves in being able to provide one-on-one care that allows us to focus on the underlying problem of addiction, not just its symptoms. This is why our clients leave our comprehensive care feeling confident, at peace and able to engage wholly in the world around them.


Treatment That Works

Drug abuse and alcoholism are destructive and deadly, often leaving families broken and tearing apart lives. At this point it seems there is almost nothing else left and hopelessness sets in. But, there is a solution. Design for Change Recovery uses a unique treatment approach by offering “precovery” services. We guide individuals and families to ascertain which one of our treatment options is right. See the snapshot of these services below.   If what you are looking for is sustainable, long-term recovery and happiness, we are so glad you found our addiction rehabilitation center in Lancaster, California.

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Design For Change Recovery is accredited by The Joint Commission Accreditation.