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Family Owned Drug Rehab Program Near Los Angeles

Home-Like Environment and Intensive Treatment

We have designed a setting and treatment process to help you achieve your dream of living drug-free. You will reside in our well-appointed and distraction-free facility where you can focus completely on your recovery.
Through regular counseling sessions you will process the past and address the issues that have complicated your previous periods of sobriety. Our therapists are thorough and compassionate.

You will also participate in group counseling, workshops, and other therapeutic activities.The process will empower you with constructive responses to life’s challenges as you re-integrate into your professional life after treatment.

We offer the entire continuum of treatment – from detox to outpatient counseling. You will be with the same clinical team throughout the entire process and we will adjust your clinical program based on your progress and any challenges you face.

Treatment That Works

Drug abuse and alcoholism are destructive and deadly, often leaving families broken and tearing apart lives. At this point it seems there is almost nothing else left and hopelessness sets in. But, there is a solution.  If what you are looking for is sustainable, long-term recovery and happiness, we are so glad you found our addiction rehabilitation center in Lancaster, California. Call us today at (855) 513-8267 to get started.

“Welcome to the rehab center that was created just for you.

After recovering from hopeless addiction myself, I’ve spent the last 25 years pulling men and women out of the pit of despair, and I have learned what works. I am an addiction therapist and personally oversee the treatment program for each individual.”

– Joseph Hunter | Owner

You CAN Achieve Sobriety

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Los Angeles Drug Treatment Programs

Highly Effective Family Owned Drug Treatment Program

Recover From Addiction For Life

Our comprehensive drug rehab center in Lancaster, California  offers the entire continuum of addiction treatment, from  detox through long-term residential rehab and also outpatient treatment.

Located in beautiful Southern California, our residential alcohol and drug rehab offers the ideal environment for beginning the addiction recovery process. Our individualized care provides a holistic approach to treatment, harnessing the 12-steps and evidence based practices that boast continued high success rates. Note that we also offer “non 12 step” alternatives.

When clients come to our addiction treatment center in Lancaster, they can enjoy unparalleled piece of mind. Our programs focus on more than just dealing with the physical aspects of addiction, but are designed as comprehensive individual wellness solutions that target both the mind and body.

We understand the difficulty of finding an addiction rehab center in Lancaster that is both affordable and effective. We pride ourselves in being able to provide one-on-one care that allows us to focus on the underlying problem of addiction, not just its symptoms. This is why our clients leave our comprehensive care feeling confident, at peace and able to engage wholly in the world around them.

Man sober from drug rehab

We Accept All Major Insurance

Now Offering: Virtual (Remote) Counseling & Outpatient Services

Addiction does not take time off during a crisis and we continue our mission to provide caring and effective addiction counseling during this period of social distancing.

We are accepting new clients (and continuing our treatment of existing outpatient clients) through remote Telehealth meetings. This way, we are able to continue ‘face to face’ treatment while observing social distancing. We utilize Zoom software to facilitate these meetings.

Our virtual processes can include:

  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Intakes & Assessments
  • Psychiatric & health evaluations
  • Family sessions
  • Case Management

‘In-Person Treatment’ Continues: We are also still providing ‘in-person’ detox and residential treatment and have implemented new protocols to respond to the threat of COVID-19 (read more)