California Drug & Alcohol Intervention Program

Here at Design for Change Recovery, we offer two different drug addiction intervention programs for our clients in California’s Lancaster area. The first is a helpline intervention, where a drug interventionist speaks with the individual struggling with addiction over the phone. The second one is a face-to-face intervention, where a group of family and friends gather with a drug intervention specialist and the addict to confront the substance abuser in a caring way.

Helpline Interventionist

The helpline interventionist takes time to speak with the client and motivate them to set a treatment date. Sometimes it takes someone outside the family to open a person’s eyes and realize he/she needs to stop procrastinating and get help. The addict may make excuses for not setting a treatment date like waiting until after a birthday, after a particular holiday, etc. These are excuses for “getting high” days, where the substance abuser wants to keep drinking or using drugs before treatment.

What Does a Helpline Interventionist Do?

A helpline interventionist’s goal is to motivate someone struggling with addiction to set a date for treatment. It is sometimes more effective for an interventionist to speak to an addict than a family member or loved one due to their outside perspective. During a helpline intervention, the intervention specialist helps addicts understand that they need to get help.

Consequences of Not Getting Treatment

Procrastinating for treatment can lead to many unwanted consequences. For instance, health consequences can pile up with continued drinking or drug use, including negative effects on health, family, and the law.

Getting a person who needs treatment as soon as possible will cut down on possible negative consequences and set him/her on the right path to recovery. The sooner substance abusers get help, the sooner they can start living a healthy, happy, sober life. Addiction gets worse over time, so getting help as quickly as possible is imperative. Pushing back dates and making excuses only makes things more difficult for the addict and his/her family.

Face-To-Face Family Care Consultant

We offer the other drug intervention program utilizing our in-person alcohol or drug intervention specialist if you need additional assistance. We offer these intervention services to residents of the Lancaster, CA area. Before an addiction intervention, our professionals meticulously plan a process where friends, family, and anyone who cares about a person struggling with addiction gather to confront the addict lovingly. In this type of addiction intervention, addicts are invited to seek treatment and break free from substance bonds.

When a person is more resistant to treatment, Design for Change Recovery will send a certified drug interventionist to help a family in need. Addiction is a hard topic to tackle alone, so teaming up with a professional addiction interventionist can be a more effective way of getting your loved one into a treatment program. Our trained interventionists offer structure when confronting addicts so people will not veer off course.

What to Expect During an Intervention

A combination of family members and friends is called together in a home or other safe setting to form a plan of getting the addict’s help. There is always a lot of emotional baggage and history when dealing with family members. Our drug intervention specialists will ensure the benevolent encounter stays focused on the family’s goal: getting help for a loved one who’s struggling with addiction.

Experienced Drug Intervention Specialists in Lancaster, CA

Our family care consultants have conducted thousands of interventions and are highly qualified. Each of our four interventionists has their own unique style of intervention, so when one is needed, we will evaluate your situation and pair you with someone who will blend the best with your needs. Contact us today to decide which drug intervention program is right for your loved one.