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learn more about design for change recoveryDesign for Change Recovery provides treatment programs that are proven to help clients safely and effectively overcome addictions.  We believe each client deserves an individualized approach to therapy that is best for their unique situation.  So, rather than apply the standard cookie-cutter treatment approach, we customize a plan based on each client’s unique needs, including emotional, physical, and spiritual components. 

The entire staff at Design for Change Recovery understands the ups and downs clients experience during the recovery process. It is a sensitive time, so clients need encouragement, support, and guidance on both good days and bad days.  With that in mind, we employ staff members who are not only skilled but compassionate as well.  

A Clinically Intensive and Personalized Treatment Plan

Through years of experience in treating addiction, we’ve learned that the healing process is easier if our clients feel safe, comfortable, and respected during their time in our facility.  It’s also important that our clients receive the most innovative, evidence-based treatment available.  To that purpose, we are proud to offer the latest advances in addiction medicine and cutting-edge, comprehensive treatment therapies that impart long-term results.  

With a combination of classes, activities, and counseling, our clients gain the skills and confidence they’ll need on their somewhat challenging recovery journey.  Our treatment approach focuses on physical wellness, spirituality, and emotional wellbeing.  With this approach, we can be sure each crucial aspect of the addiction is addressed.  We offer 12-Step holistic treatment plans or non-12-Step alternatives along with a variety of options that seek to accommodate each client’s specific needs.

Our customized program helps clients gain the skills and confidence they’ll need to cultivate a design for change that encourages a substance-free lifestyle.  Their personalized plan can consist of group and individual counseling, spiritual counseling, cognitive therapies, nutritional guidance, music therapy, and outdoor activities.  

At Design for Change Recovery in Lancaster, CA, we believe recovery is possible for everyone if they receive the right combination of knowledge, support, and guidance.  Our foremost goal is to help our clients overcome addiction and move toward reaching their full potential in life. 

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