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Design for Change Recovery has provided effective 12-step holistic treatment using therapies in addiction science and advances in recovery theory that have proven effective and have changed the lives of thousands of drug addicts and alcoholics. Note that we also offer “non 12 steps” alternatives. Our treatment programs have proven effective for those suffering from substance abuse. Our method of providing individualized care for clients in small groups works. We also know how important it is to feel safe and connected in a rehabilitation program. That is why we offer a safe, compassionate treatment environment for clients during our 12 step recovery programs here in Lancaster, California. Many of our treating professionals have gone through some form of the recovery process themselves.

A Clinically Intensive and Personalized Experience

Design for Change Recovery does not endorse the “cookie-cutter” treatment approach offered by many drug rehab centers because we know, through experience, that each client is different and cannot be given the same treatment as the next person. Design for Change Recovery uniquely provides a design for living substance-free that can be achieved through hard work, and our staff and medical team’s support. Our staff is trained in the latest advances in addiction medicine to offer cutting-edge alternative therapies in wellness, spirituality, nutrition, music, and outdoor activities, and more for our clients. By combining cognitive therapies with spiritual counseling, new treatment methods, individual treatment, group counseling, and new lifestyle choice architecture, we have found solutions that work and have staying power even after our clients leave. Incorporating recovery into daily life and having it become a habit before a person leaves our facility is a cornerstone of the long-term recovery and personal growth that we provide. Our past experiences with recovery and our comprehensive 12 step treatment programs in Lancaster, CA, provide the perfect combination of knowledge and compassion to help our clients succeed once they leave our care facility.

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