A man struggling with addiction and depression attends group therapy in a treatment center.

Finding the Best Drug Rehab Centers to Help Your Loved One

By DFCAdmin in Addiction | | 24 Jul 2018

Millions in the US struggle with addiction each year. In response, thousands of rehab centers and programs have been established to help. The number of choices can be overwhelming. If your loved one is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, how do you decide which addiction treatment center is the right fit? Finding the best […]


A woman gazing up at the sky.

Alcoholism and Brain Recovery: Healing the Brain Through Sobriety

By DFCAdmin in Addiction | | 5 Jul 2018

Until somewhat recently, many believed that the adult brain had a limited number of neurons set at a fairly early age. However, research shows that the adult brain can continue to produce new cells. This is promising news for those recovering from alcoholism because alcohol abuse causes damage and shrinkage within in the brain. Maintaining […]


A group of friends jump into the water at the beach.

Helping Your Loved One Maintain Recovery During Summer

By DFCAdmin in recovery | | 17 Jun 2018

Cookouts, beach parties and festivals can all be great ways to enjoy the beautiful summer weather. However, for those recovering from drug or alcohol addiction, these situations may conjure memories of their substance abuse. These memories could be potential triggers for relapse. The first three months after treatment are the most vulnerable period in recovery. […]