A man slumps on the floor with a syringe nearby after shooting meth.

The Effects of Meth on the Brain

By DFCAdmin in Addiction | | 24 Sep 2018

Methamphetamine, commonly called meth, speed, crystal or ice, is an incredibly powerful stimulant. You’ll get a burst of energy while on it and feel overly focused and confident. Sounds great, right? Until the effects of meth wear off. These fleeting feelings fade quickly, leaving you in a depressed state. You’ll start to take more and […]


A man struggling with the disease of alcoholism slumps over a table.

Alcoholism is a Choice. Or Is It?

By DFCAdmin in Addiction | | 5 Sep 2018

Diabetes. Parkinson’s. Cancer. These are probably the kinds of conditions you imagine when you hear the phrase chronic disease. You may have a loved one who has battled one of these diseases, or you might have first-hand knowledge of how vulnerable they can make you feel. When you think about alcoholism, you might not feel […]