A young woman smiles in the foreground as her mirror image appears depressed or anxious.

The Connection Between Addiction and Bipolar Disorder

By DFCAdmin in Blogs | | 25 May 2018

Around 1 in 50 American adults deal with bipolar disorder at some time in their lives. More than 80% of those cases could be considered severe. Formerly known as manic depression, this condition is typified by extreme changes in behavior, mood, energy levels, cognitive function and judgment. These sudden, polarizing shifts can make it difficult […]


A young man struggles with methamphetamine drug addiction.

From Fun to Meth Addiction

By DFCAdmin in Blogs | | 4 May 2018

Nobody takes methamphetamine (commonly referred to as crystal, speed or meth) with the intention of becoming an addict. The first time the powerful stimulant hits your brain, it sets off a chain reaction in the reward circuit. You’re flooded with a sense of euphoria and happiness. The second time is still a rush, but it’s […]


A group of friends enjoys a summer cookout without alcohol.

How to Stay Sober from Alcohol This Summer

By DFCAdmin in Blogs | | 24 Apr 2018

Summer is coming soon and that means lots of opportunities for fun social activities. Unfortunately, this time of year may also conjure up memories of the good ol’ days, as many summer events and activities may include alcohol. These fond memories tend to downplay or ignore the negative aspects of your addiction altogether. With that […]