A woman receives one-on-one counseling in a recovery program with a high staff to client ratio.

How Staffing Can Affect Addiction Recovery

By miki in Blogs | | 3 Dec 2018

Size Matters: Staff to Client Ratio in Rehab Addiction is a powerful disease that has the ability to pull you away from the things you enjoy and the people you love. If you’ve decided that you’re ready to seek help, that’s great! This is the first step of an amazing journey that can help you […]


Staying Sober During the Holidays

By miki in Blogs | | 1 Dec 2018

Be Thankful for Your Recovery: Staying Sober During the Holidays The holiday season can be a wonderful time spent with family and friends—enjoying good food and fond memories with people you love. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for everyone. For those in the early stages of alcohol recovery, holiday get-togethers can be stressful events. You […]


A mother and adult daughter spend quality time together after talking about health insurance.

How to Buy Insurance for Addiction Treatment

By miki in Blogs | | 19 Nov 2018

How to Buy Insurance to Help Your Child Fight Addiction You knew from the moment you held your newborn son in your arms that you would do anything to protect him. When your daughter took her first wobbly steps, you were filled with a mixture of pride, joy and concern for her safety. As they […]