Our Addiction and Recovery Philosophy

Here at Design for Change Recovery Center, we believe that each individual has a unique capacity for resilience and change. Every person who seeks treatment has the ability to bounce back; all it takes is

  • Willingness
  • Patience
  • Care
  • Guidance
  • Consistency
  • Persistence

At our Lancaster, California addiction recovery center, we teach our clients how to form new healthy habits. When we form new habits in treatment, we can form new habits in our recovery process. When we establish healthy habits in treatment and our recovery process, we can form new habits in our own families. Everything is connected and builds on each other.

Because the connection is ongoing, forming new ways of thinking and behavior from the ground up is imperative. When we are willing and persistent, new ways of thinking and acting will soon feel normal.

We also feel that leaving our egos at the door is important. Many of our clients come to us with issues of lack of self-esteem and lack of self-respect. Sometimes they come from successful families who put a tremendous amount of pressure on their loved ones to live up to their high expectations. When substance abusers are in the midst of addiction, they cannot live up to anyone’s expectations, including their own.

If clients feel they cannot live up to their families’ expectations, they turn to drugs or alcohol for relief. We help rebuild self-esteem, and when people feel better about themselves, they become confident enough to let their walls, egos, and judgments fall away.

The average client suffers from self-hate, shame, and guilt. They’re trapped in a dark hole and want to climb out into the light. They want to get better but cannot do it on their own. The change follows action, so the first action is to set a date for treatment.

In treatment, we teach patients they are worthy of love, and they are not failures because they have a problem with substance abuse. It’s quite the opposite because seeking treatment makes them winners. They have decided to fight addiction and come out victoriously.

Our California addiction recovery center is a safe place consisting of highly skilled, loving staff members who want to help every patient achieve a successful life free from drugs and alcohol.

Don't delay another second when help is so close.

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