Our Affordable Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Design for Change Recovery believes that every person deserves the chance at a better life, free from drugs and alcohol. Our facility is unique because we offer exceptional quality treatment at a minimal cost. As the most affordable addiction treatment in Lancaster, California, we work to make our services available to each person struggling with addiction, regardless of their circumstances.

Investing in your sobriety is the most rewarding and important type of investment you can make, and taking steps to build a new, sober life is the best thing you can do.

Some people may hold back on getting treatment because they feel they cannot afford it; they can’t miss work, or their family will miss them too much.

Our facility offers high-quality treatment at a very affordable price. We also work with clients who do not have insurance to create specialized payment plans for them. We do our best to help in any way because we deeply care about helping those in need.

If you have concerns about missing work, try thinking from a different perspective. If you keep using drugs and alcohol, eventually, you will not be able to work at all. Hangovers, health issues, and other excuses for missing work will pile up. Taking a leave of absence to invest in your health will give you a better chance of maintaining a job or career.

When you are sober, you can show up, ready to work when needed. You won’t feel sick, nauseous, or make excuses about why you cannot attend work.

Deciding to get sober is the wisest choice you can make for yourself as well as your family. When we are under the influence of substances, we cannot fully participate in family relationships. Communication breaks down, and negative feelings arise.

Learning new tools and strategies for maintaining a sober life will positively affect your family. You will be alert, aware, and show up for family engagements. You will rebuild trust and learn how to communicate with loved ones effectively.

Your children, spouse, and other loved ones will all benefit from your sobriety. Taking a little time to get healthy and sober will benefit you for a lifetime.

Our drug and alcohol rehab accepts insurance, so please call us to discuss insurance and payment options. Once insurance is accepted, we will take care of all the paperwork so that you can dive into your recovery program free from hassle. Design for Change is ready to help you with our affordable drug and alcohol rehab services in Lancaster.

Don't delay another second when help is so close.

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