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Family Therapy for Rehab in Lancaster, CA

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Addiction Family Therapy

Addiction is a family disease. The user is not the only one who suffocates from addiction’s grip. When a patient receives treatment, his or her family needs time and education to heal as well, which is why we designed our specific counseling program as help for families of addicts in California.

During our family addiction counseling sessions in Lancaster, California, families receive in-depth education regarding addiction and how this disease affects people. We have two processes for our family program:

Step 1: Introduction To Family Therapy

The first process is when our family care counselors work as a liaison between a client and his or her family. This is done over Skype or the telephone.

The reason we do this first step is to gain a better understanding of the client’s unique family dynamics. It’s always helpful to have an outside point of view and perspective. It enables the counselor to get a better, well-rounded feel of how the client-family relations before they join us at our center for our Family Program.

Step 2: Joining Us For Family Therapy

We invite client’s families to join us at our facility for a weekend during the client’s stay with us. Family members engage in:

  • Reactive Attachment Therapy – When addicts suffer with attachment issues, they can interfere with all types of relationships. Some carry a sense of loss or yearning inside them, and may struggle with codependency or abandonment issues, without understanding why. Learning how to deal with these issues and how to set healthy boundaries allow our clients the opportunity to heal, gain self-esteem and self-respect. Clients learn to gain fulfillment within themselves, instead of relying on outside sources of validation.
  • Psychodrama – Families explore internal and external conflicts through dramatic play. Acting out scenes facilitates learning about behaviors, roles, and communication skills. This process enables our clients to gain a deeper insight to their interactions.
  • Family Therapy – Families are complex. When substance abuse is added to the family dynamic, relations can become even more complicated. Our Family Program is designed to help families work on and mitigate their internal conflicts with a caring, experienced, certified counselor.

Families come together to talk and communicate. At the end of the Family Program weekend, resolutions are often achieved. We teach effective tools for communication to restore the communication breakdown caused by addiction. We guide families through the process of recovery and help them find peace and balance within their relationships. Building trust takes time, and won’t happen overnight, but with willingness, patience, persistence and healing can begin.

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