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Early Intervention Can Prevent Addiction From Getting Worse

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There is a myth in recovery about addicts having to hit “rock bottom” before they are willing to recover. It has to get as worse as it can possibly get for the addict or alcoholic in order for them to realize the severity of their addiction problem and choose help instead. Unfortunately, for many addicts and alcoholics, it is always possible to go lower. There is always a way to dig deeper, act more shamelessly, and abuse more drugs and alcohol. Rock bottom, many addicts in recovery say, always came with a shovel. The myth of hitting rock bottom is helpful because in part, it is true. Many addicts and alcoholics won’t stop until they hit what they consider to be rock bottom for them. The myth of hitting rock bottom can be harmful because in part, it isn’t true. Many addicts and alcoholics are able to recognize the path they are heading down before they get too far down it. Their symptoms of addiction or alcoholism start presenting themselves before their lives fall apart and the evidence is clear enough that they need help. Some call this a “high bottom” but it is still bottom. It’s a short cut to the first step realizing that while their lives maybe haven’t become completely unmanageable, their drug and alcohol addiction either has or is quickly becoming unmanageable. Early intervention is one of the ways this truth can be hit home.

Early intervention has a high rate of success. People find out what they need to find out about themselves and their addiction. They aren’t willing to go any further than they have already gone. With words of concern from their friends, family members, and a professional interventionist, they give up their addiction easy and start their journey to recovery. Early intervention is the key to preventing addiction from getting any worse. The longer that addiction lasts, the more changes it can make in the brain and the more effect it will have on the ability to recover later on.

If you believe your loved one is in need of an intervention, for any stage of their addiction, call Design For Change today. We offer face to face consultations and a variety of approaches to intervention. Providing residential treatment programs and a spectrum of care, loved ones have the opportunity to grow safely through their recovery on the path to freedom. There is hope. Call us today for more information at (877) 267-3646.

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