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Group Therapy in Rehab Covers Many Topics: Here’s What to Expect

February 18, 2024
Group therapy in rehab brings clients together to talk about their experiences with substance use.  The sessions provide a safe, non-judgmental environment where people can freely express their thoughts and...

Unintentional Fentanyl Use: Don’t Become a Victim

February 4, 2024
In all 50 states of the U.S., fentanyl use and overdoses are on the rise, as evidenced by the shocking statistics.  The most concerning part is that many of the...

Why Some First Responders Struggle With Substance Use Disorders 

January 28, 2024
First responders put their lives on the line every day to save the lives of others.  Although it is a noble profession, these dedicated individuals don’t get the recognition they’ve...