Design for Change Recovery Testimonials

You can read countless Lancaster drug rehab reviews, but nothing compares to hearing about a recovery experience straight from the person who lived it. Read on to learn more about how Design for Change Recovery has helped countless clients and families succeed in beating addiction.

From Families of Clients

-Mike & Lenise

Design for Change has helped aid my family in restoring the health of my older and only sister. This program proved to be essential because it was the only one that truly helped my sister’s mind and body gain full recovery. The path this program paved for my sister has been the most vital one yet. She had a long road to recovery in and out of multiple rehabilitation centers that never seemed to be good enough until Design for Change. Although she was mentally ready to adopt a sober lifestyle, the rehab facilities she went through did not provide the resources that met her needs.

Design for Change has helped return my sister to our family. There was a long period of time where she was physically around but mentally she was very absent. Without this program, I’m not sure any other one would have been able to bring her back from the darkness she was enveloped in. I was lucky enough to actually get to see this facility and meet the owner, Joe who has changed my sister’s life. It only makes sense to meet the people that saved my sisters life. I am absolutely confident in this facility and everything they have done and are yet to do in the future. I hope that other places can learn from the style they use to help people reach their goals.
Julianne S

My experience with Design for Change is that it saved my daughter’s life and gave me back mine.  I was at a point that many family members find themselves in not knowing what to do or how to do it.  I had already had my daughter go to a rehab of sorts in Florida which my insurance would allow and once she was there was troubled by the attitudes and non-communication issues that arose.  They did not deal with her underlying issues and in fact sparked some feelings of resentment and isolation that brought her back to using more quickly than I anticipated.  I was at a loss and then by the Grace of God I found Design for Change.

There was a survival instinct in my daughter that surprised both she and I, I kept repeating to her that when she was ready to go I would get have everything ready here.  I had found Design for Change through a site I found on the internet.  The young man I connected with gave me choices according to our insurance and Design for Change was decided on.  My daughter got on the plane and all my contacts were in constant touch with me.  I was fearful that once again, she would return to me without making changes sufficient to bring about long term sobriety. Our experience with Design for Change was just different than any we had previously had. We finally began to see changes take place in my daughter, as a direct result of the genuinely passionate staff who she felt she could trust almost immediately. My daughter is not only alive but clean and sober and working in the field helping people get their lives back.  I know that Joe Hunter and the staff helped and continue to help my daughter in the most life changing significant ways she will ever experience, and also helped me learn how to help her without sabotaging her recovery.  My daughter is still in touch with several staff members from the facility, even now 2 years later they help her through a multitude of life experiences and stay in touch with my family and I. I had no tools or no idea on how to be her mother and let her find her way to recovery on her own; Design for Change taught me how to support her through the recovery process and I am forever grateful.

From Our Clients

I was at the end of my rope before entering treatment at Design for Change. While there I was offered the tools and environment necessary to change my life. The skills I was taught and developed carried on with me and I still use to this the day. Design for Change provided me with everything I needed to become the happy and sober person I am today.
Dustin S

I can’t say enough about this place. It truly has changed my life. I learned so much about myself and the disease of addiction in the 3 months i was there. The counselors and staff made me feel as if I was still home in Alabama which was huge for me. They prepped me for life without drugs and alcohol; which I never thought was possible but realized you can have a life beyond your wildest dreams if you just work for it. Amazing experience.
Philip S Kennedy

Before coming to Design for Change I had been going in and out of treatment centers consistently for those past 5 years. I was a broken, empty shell of a person who was mentally, emotionally, and spiritually bankrupt in every sense. I didn’t know what life was or how to live. I was convinced there was no hope for me and told myself that this place would be just like the rest and there would be nothing that could be done but decided to give it a try anyways. Walking through that red door 4 years ago, was the best decision I had ever made in my life. My experience there was like none other. After a week of being there, I knew in my heart it was exactly where I needed to be and actually wanted to stay. The program that is offered is by far the best I’ve ever been blessed to experience. I was taught about my disease in such an in depth way, that I was finally able to identify with it, which was something I could not grasp at my other rehabs. I was shown the difference between sobriety and recovery and what I needed to achieve that. With the help of the amazing staff I was then given my solution and the work that needed to be done in order to get there. Design for change didn’t just teach me how to stop using drugs or alcohol. They taught me how to live and walked me through step by step. To this day they have been with me every step of the way. Not only is DFC’s program amazing, the staff is as well. Each and every staff has had a profound impact on my life and I can honestly say they have all played a crucial role in my recovery. I had never been to a rehab where the staff was so genuine and so eager to help each and every one of us in any way they could. They take the time to focus on each of us individually, to find a method that worked best for us so that we had best chances at succeeding. I truly believe the love and recovery I received from design for change saved my life. They have become my family and I am forever grateful to Joe and all the staff for everything they have done for me. I know in my heart I wouldn’t be who I am now if it wasn’t for DFC. Today I am able to apply what I learned there in my everyday life and and live a full life of happiness and recovery. I know that I can always count on Design for Change to be there with any struggles I face in the future.
Britanny R

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