California Long-Term Rehabilitation with Supportive Housing

Everyone needs a chance for recovery. Whether you or a loved one struggles to get past a dark place related to drug and alcohol abuse, or any other substance-related problem, you need the best care possible to get back into proper health and mental shape. Here at Design for Change Recovery, we offer safe and reliable long-term treatment that works.

We understand the level of care that one needs for all steps involved in recovery and plan to foster programs that achieve the desired outcome and much more. Long term addiction treatment requires much commitment both at a psychological and financial level. This might sound like a lot to work with at first. However, with our doctors and counselors’ help, we will help you find the best way to go about it to ensure lasting results.

The National Institute on Drug abuse recommends at least a 90 days treatment period or three months for significant recovery. This is more than short-term rehabilitation facilities can offer.

Choosing a Long-Term Addiction Recovery Program

Several factors go into determining the type of care we offer for addiction recovery. With three to six months options available for long-term recovery, we help patients find the best programs to improve their conditions. However, a patient needs to understand what needs to be considered during this process.

  1. The adversity of the issue: One does not have to reach a point of no return before opting for long-term addiction treatment. Anyone can choose to take this option, even though they have been spiraling for a short time. Some drugs and substance abuse will demand that you seek extended care as soon as you notice that you have an addiction. Such include heroin, cocaine, meth, alcohol, oxycontin, and Vicodin. The longer you spend time with our experienced counselors and physicians, the better position you will be in to deal with the issue.
  2. Availability of resources: There are times when resources are not suitable for short term treatment, especially for recovering addicts that keep on relapsing. When there is room for extensive care that can go for about four to six months, we often recommend that such patients sign up. Long term recovery resources include both western and eastern treatment methods. Extended addiction treatment programs will always run through the patient and to the community affected. This is why we recommend this as the best way to tackling an adverse addiction problem.
  3. Geographical considerations: Different recovering addicts have different relationships with their community environment. For some, being close to home would be the most suitable approach we take in long term treatment. This is because it offers support from friends and relatives. However, others would have better chances of proper recovery if we recommended a rehabilitation center away from home. This is often the case for our patients who do not have adequate community support. It means they are better off recovering away from all the things that could trigger their addiction until they are strong enough to face the world.
  4. Financial implications: When it comes to finances, we often ask the patient or their loved ones to check that their medical insurance covers mental health issues. Not many insurances do, and so it would help if the clarity is obtained from the start. Given that long-term recovery programs are quite extensive, there could be strained financial resources in the long run if one is not prepared. To avoid this, we work with the family’s patient or any other caregiver to help develop the best model to balance financial responsibilities.

Aside from these four, the family needs to ensure that they are comfortable with the long-term care facility they choose.

Seeking Kong-Term Recovery Care

We consider Lancaster, California, to be our home within the state, and this is why we strive to offer the best long-term addiction treatment possible to the community. There have been cases where patients have had relapse cases after short term treatments, making the entire program frustrating. If you are looking for the best-extended care treatment facility, here are some of the questions you should ask:

  • How experienced are the staff members when it comes to treating relapsing addiction cases?
  • Is the facility open to both clinical and holistic treatment methods?
  • Are there care groups and other supporting programs within the facility that could help improve the situation?
  • How does the treatment center relate to the addict’s family members and friends?
  • Does the facility offer dual diagnosis treatment if one is dealing with more than one addiction?
  • How good are the staff members when it comes to life skills?
  • What will be your after-treatment options past the admission period?

Long-term treatments should cover more than the direct addiction issue. Factors such as relationships, employment, health, and legal problems will always follow an addict. This is why we seek to equip our recovering patients with wholesome skills to help them get back on track and finally fit for the community.

Why Should One opt for Long Term Addiction Treatment?

One of the many questions we often receive when we recommend long term treatment options is why a patient should consider it.

Seeking long term treatment is the safest way to ensure that a relapse does not occur. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, at least 40% to 60% of recovering addicts relapse after treatment. This is the same number as people recovering from long term ailments such as diabetes and heart diseases. It is an alarming percentage, and that is why we offer long term treatment options to help curb it.

Extended treatments involve aftercare support, ensuring that recovering addicts stay connected to the people who love them and honestly care. We also incorporate skills learning to keep the patient-focused and give them something to work with after the official time lapses.

Long term treatment involves 12-step meetings, group and individual counseling, sober living homes, and rehab alumni options. We incorporate all these depending on the individual to ensure that they have every available chance of recovery. We also seek to involve family members in family care programs that help them deal with the situation healthily and set the right boundaries wherever the patient is concerned.

There is so much that goes into the work fostered to help a patient when long term addiction treatment is given a chance. We will not always know what the future holds, but we can equip people struggling with substance abuse to have the right to choose how they want to lead their lives.

Long-term treatment is beneficial to the recovering individual and a great option to help the community rise from drug and substance abuse challenges. Here at Design for Change Recovery, we believe that we should do everything that we can to make this possible successfully.

Receive Care and Treatment that Works

So many people have had it rough when trying to seek the best long-term addiction treatments in California. This is why we strive to be the resting and the most reliable option in Lancaster. Our care programs are well calculated and individualized to ensure that your loved one gets the most out of the experience.

You need a helping hand that you can trust, and we, at Design for Change Recovery, promise to offer you just that.