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If you have an addiction and are looking for an oxycontin rehab treatment center or a heroin rehab center, Design For Change Recovery Services is one of the most successful drug rehabilitation in California. This drug rehab facility treats all kinds of drug addictions whether it is prescription drug abuse or illicit drug abuse.

Design For Change Recovery Services is unique in the way it provides treatment for their patients. While they do focus on traditional healing methods and trusted ways of treatment they also incorporate alternative healing methods so their patients can heal completely. Design For Change Recovery Services treatment center cares about their patient’s wellness, not only do they want to treat the drug addiction, but improve their patient health all together. With alcohol abuse and addiction Design For Change Recovery Services uses the 12-step method along with these other methods that focus on inner healing.

A heroin rehab center may seem like the scariest thing for a person because all they can vision is being confined to a tiny white room as they deal with their painful withdrawals. However, Design For Change Recovery Services does not want their patients to feel confined. This treatment center is all about being comfortable and at peace. Visitors are not only welcome, but highly encouraged to visit their loved ones. They do not want their patients to feel alone on their journey to recovery but know that they have a full support team behind them that is rooting for them the entire way. Design For Change Recovery Services also believes in community recovery in which patients spend time and share experiences with others going through similar issues. Patients feel a part of a group, less discomfited and more connected and confident.

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