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For most clients, we begin addiction treatment by detoxification, and after that, a holistic drug rehab program. In our treatment programs, we provide psycho-therapeutic care, including group therapies and cognitive-behavioral therapies. These therapies are vital in assisting our clients to overcome psychological and emotional issues resulting from substance abuse. Besides, holistic treatment is increasingly becoming necessary in reducing stress and improving the well-being of our patients.

The main objective of holistic therapy is to heal the spirit, body, and mind of addicts. It is not only about overcoming the illness. Previously, treatment focused on addiction only, which means that it excluded other vital aspects. At Design for Change, we aim at providing balanced care to our patients struggling to overcome addiction.

design for change recovery holistic rehab centerHolistic Treatment Programs

Through our holistic treatment programs, the patients will learn to improve their physical well-being, spiritual, and mental lives. However, it is essential to note that our therapists will not offer holistic therapy as sole therapy in addiction treatment. Addiction treatment only becomes effective when combined with other therapies such as counseling and the 12-step program. Through the combination, our patients will ultimately win the battle over addiction.

Once we have a better understanding of the patient as a whole, we can customize an individualized treatment plan exclusively for them.

We offer a wide variety of holistic therapies, including the following:

  • Sociometry
  • Psychodrama
  • Biosound therapy
  • Fitness
  • Nutrition classes
  • Music therapy
  • Art therapy


Sociometry focuses on relational issues within patients’ lives. It helps clients connect with people in their lives and explores relationships and connections. Our therapist conducts a full sociometry report before psychodrama.


Psychodrama is action therapy that enables patients to develop their physical and emotional well-being. Our clients have the opportunity to play out real-life scenarios so they can gain a deeper understanding of their lives. Scenes can potentially trigger situations, mental states, unfinished situations, or preparation for future problems. Some of the benefits of psychodrama include exploring internal and external conflicts, developing communication skills, and learning about one’s behavior.

For more information, please read our blog post about creating change through psychodrama.

Biosound Therapy

Biosound incorporates biofeedback, sound frequency healing, music therapy, and guided imagery. The patient lies on a unique bio sound bed that uses the combination of music, vibrations, and binaural beats to induce a meditative state.

This process is incredibly healing, relaxing, and helpful to assist in modifying behaviors. The sound sensor glasses have video-guided imagery and sound that utilize positive messages and affirmations.

It helps patients become more aware and more focused. People in detox may be distracted by their physical withdrawal symptoms, eliminating exaggerated senses and reducing anxiety through the physically stimulating vibrations in the bed.

Fitness & Exercise

Physically taking care of ourselves is very important. When we exercise, we produce serotonin, build self-esteem, and create discipline in our lives.

Clients in our holistic rehab go to the gym three times a week at a nearby fitness center.

As a unique and full-featured holistic drug treatment center in Lancaster, we also offer the following:

The fitness schedule for all patients is in direct proportion to their recovery program. It’s essential to have balance in all our patients’ plans.

Nutrition Classes

Learning how to take care of our health is imperative. Filling our bodies with nutritious, healthy foods make us feel better.

When we fill our bodies with drugs and alcohol, we rob ourselves of essential nutritional vitamins. For our bodies to function at their highest potential, we need to eat healthily.

Maintaining a balanced diet can:

  • Help Us Stay At A Healthy Weight
  • Boost Immune System
  • Enhance Concentration And Mood
  • Give Us Energy

Music Therapy

In our music program, a music instructor teaches patients how to play musical instruments. Clients choose a musical instrument they are interested in and learn how to play it.

Learning to appreciate music in a sober environment is essential. Many times music can bring back memories of using drugs or alcohol and could cause a potential trigger.

Music is a powerful force and can evoke many thoughts and feelings. Learning to equate music with new positive memories and activities will strengthen recovery.

Art Therapy

Art can be a healing way to express yourself. We can express our thoughts, feelings, and emotions through art.

When we use drugs or alcohol, our capacity to express ourselves artistically severely diminishes. Artistic activities can help us express ourselves in a healthy, creative, fun way.

To provide comprehensive, holistic treatment to our patients, we focus on nutrition, meditation, and exercises.


To completely overcome addiction challenges, patients should have a clear mind. At our premises, we provide guided meditation as an integral part of holistic treatment. Meditative practices enhance the mind’s clarity and boost focus.

Recreational Therapy

Daily exercises assist in strengthening the body, relieve stress, and create a routine. Training is an integral part of holistic treatment. Some of our premises’ activities include hiking, horseback riding, canoeing, and climbing of rocks.

Nutritional Therapy

A healthy body with a strong immunity promotes faster recovery. Hence, our dietary specialists recommend individualized nutrition support that suits every client’s needs. Substances of abuse create an imbalance in brain chemistry and various physiological systems, including nutrition, amino acids, adrenaline, blood sugar, and hormones. Note that while abusing the drugs, toxic substances and heavy metals may accumulate in the body. It takes time to flush these toxins out of the body while maintaining the proper functioning of the circulatory, digestive, and gland systems. At Design for Change, Lancaster, California, we offer laboratory tests as part of the holistic program to monitor if our clients in the recovery phase require nutritional support. At times, mineral supplements are capable of reversing the imbalances. With the proper balance of the blood sugars, hormones, and nutrition, there will be reduced craving for substances of abuse. It is vital to preventing relapse.

Acupuncture and Massage

It assists our bodies to relax and relieve stress. Massage is an essential part of holistic treatment. Besides, acupuncture restores balance in the client’s body after prolonged abuse of drugs. It is an ancient holistic approach that involves the therapists using thinner needles located strategically on the skin. At the pressure points, to be specific. The flow of energy balances at meridian points on the client’s body. Besides, acupuncture can stimulate the muscles, connective tissues, and nerves. The resultant effect is improved connection and health between the body and mind. In holistic therapy, acupuncture suppresses mal-adaptive behaviors. It modulates the neuro-chemistry by balancing serotonin and dopamine. However, our therapists understand that it could be harmful to individuals who abuse injection drugs such as heroin. Acupuncture is so instrumental in situations where movement and talk therapies seem ineffective in lowering the patient’s distress.


Yoga involves strengthening and stretching of the body. It entails mindfulness, prayer, and movements occurring in different postures. Breathing also appears in a particular sequence. The three activities make up modern yoga. Because the action shifts the mind to focus on the present, it is a complimentary holistic drug addiction treatment. Our professional therapists at Design for Change will guide you through the yoga sessions. By practicing yoga, the clients develop a better relationship with themselves. Besides, there will be reduced anxiety and stress. Note that mental illnesses, intense emotions, and high-stress levels are the key reasons why most individuals abuse drugs. Our programs such as yoga avail you with newer experiences that reduce relapse risks.


Electroencephalogram is part of holistic therapy key in treating drug addiction. Besides, it is useful in managing post-traumatic stress disorders. Our physicians will link the clients to computers that record active brainwaves. Electroencephalogram assists our physicians to recognize areas of distress and irregularities. It allows for immediate feedback for improving brain functioning. The number of sessions will be prescribed best on your condition’s severity since some clients will need more than 20 sessions and others less than that. Neurofeedback is a holistic treatment. It is appealing to most patients because they can visually monitor their brain’s activity. Note that it is not a complete cure to drug addiction but a complement to conventional and behavioral therapies.

You are probably wondering what holistic treatment entails. Our therapists and physicians will prescribe the most convenient type upon your admission at our facilities because of the numerous approaches available. Apart from nutrition and exercises, the following are examples of the holistic therapies we provide at our facilities to assist our patients in overcoming addiction: Animal-assisted treatment, sound therapy, art therapy, mindfulness, yoga, hypnosis, Tai Chi, acupressure, and Ayurveda.

In holistic therapy, we provide non-medical and individualized treatment to our clients. Note that we offer flexible, holistic programs that suit the needs of every client.

In the provision of holistic therapy, we rely on the following objectives:

  • Reducing cravings for drugs and use of alcohol.
  • Boosting self-confidence.
  • Enhancing physical fitness.
  • Treating underlying addiction treatment.

Holistic Addiction Treatment Benefits

Holistic therapies consist of numerous benefits to our patients. For example, acupuncture is vital in the detoxification process as it lowers the seriousness of withdrawal signs. Besides, the patient’s anxiety levels reduce, and sleeping patterns improve. Hypnosis, meditation, and withdrawal therapies reignite awareness state.

Massage does not only relax the body but also soothes the patient’s physical symptoms. Upon completion of the recovery process, the patients will appreciate and embrace the importance of a healthy diet in sober living.

Other benefits for holistic addiction treatment include:

Restoration of your full health

Poor health after recovery from addiction will hinder you from getting the optimum out of your new life. Our therapists will help you make the best changes necessary for gaining full health through our holistic programs. Such simple changes in your life lead to a significant positive result.

An alternative treatment method of managing addiction

Intensive therapy sessions and numerous pills are so vital in treating addiction. However, they are such an expensive and significant result will be realized after a while. If other managing addiction methods seem inappropriate for you, our professional therapists and physicians will recommend holistic treatment. With holistic medicine, simple adjustments in your lifestyle will still end up with the expected result. Hence, it is a better alternative.

Access to individualized care

Note that no single approach in the treatment of addiction fits everyone. We recognize that our clients are unique and could be suffering from different types of addiction. Each client has his or her aspirations and special needs. It is for this reason that we offer individualized holistic treatment of drug addiction to our patients.

Restoration of balance

Drug addiction imparts an imbalance in your life, and this inhibits you from experiencing the necessary happiness. It is the imbalance that propels you to addictive behaviors. Our aim and duty at Design for Change are to help you regain the lost balance through our effective holistic programs. The objective is not only to quit drug abuse but also to have a great life.

For more information on holistic addiction treatment, contact our support group at Design for Change, Lancaster, California.

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