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5 Ways to Tell Whether Your California Drug Rehab Program Was Effective

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Home recovery 5 Ways to Tell Whether Your California Drug Rehab Program Was Effective

Completing a California drug rehab program is your first step toward a healthier, more productive lifestyle free from the influence of addictive substances.  You invested in your future and want to know your efforts will be rewarded. 

Overcoming substance use disorder involves making changes that support long-term sobriety and a healthy lifestyle.  Staying sober is a good sign that your rehab program was effective.  However, you can notice other things that indicate your rehab experience was productive.  

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So, how can you know whether your rehab program will help you stay on track in recovery?  Was your addiction treated successfully?  Here are 5 signs that your time in rehab was well spent.

#1.  You have more energy and feel healthier.

Drugs and alcohol take a tremendous toll on the body and mind.  The substances lower your immunities, making you more susceptible to disease or illness.  They can also cause damage to major organs that may be life-threatening.  

Without the dangerous toxins in your system, your body can begin to repair the damage leading to improved health and increased vitality. 

#2.  You enjoy an improved mood and well-being.

Addictive substances directly affect and interfere with brain chemicals that control mood and behavior.  This can lead to depression, anxiety, and other mental problems. California drug rehabs help you learn methods for dealing with these issues without drugs or alcohol as a coping tool.  After undergoing treatment in California rehab programs, you’ll enjoy feeling uplifted and motivated.  As time passes, you’ll feel stronger in your commitment to remain sober.

#3.  You perform better at work or school.

While you were actively engaged in using addictive substances, you may have made that your daily priority.  You put your drug use above your career or education so you could devote more time to using and obtaining drugs.  After completing a California rehab program, you are motivated to get your priorities back in the right place.

#4.  Your relationships and social interactions improve.

Substance abuse can lead to isolation from family and friends.  It may occur for a variety of reasons, and you may not realize it is happening.  But, when you become sober you will most likely spend more time with sober friends or family or people you meet in support groups.  You can attend family therapy sessions to rebuild relationships with family members and enjoy being with them as a sober individual.

#5.  You experience fewer relapses after California drug rehab.

Relapses are a normal part of the recovery process, affecting about 40 to 60 percent of people who recently left rehab.  Relapse is not a sign that you failed, but it does indicate that you may need additional treatment.  Over time, you’ll experience fewer relapses and or none at all.  Longer periods between relapses show that you are learning how to manage triggers and remain sober.

Success Rates of California Drug Rehab Programs

Success Rates of California Drug Rehab Programs

Even though America is still experiencing an opioid crisis, drug rehab programs are showing high success rates.  Evidence-based programs provide positive outcomes, as the following statistics show:

  • Nine months after discharge from drug rehab, between 85 and 95 percent of people still remain abstinent.
  • More than 80 percent of people report an improved quality of life and health after completing a California drug rehab program.
  • An estimated 40 percent of individuals who receive medication-assisted treatment (MAT) achieve abstinence.
  • About 75% of alcohol rehab patients report still being sober three months after treatment.
  • More than 43% of people who enter rehab successfully complete the program.

These high success rates result from carefully customized treatment plans based on each patient’s unique situation.  The effective plans incorporate various therapies such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Counseling, Holistic Therapy, 12-Step Facilitation, Family Therapy, and more depending on the facility chosen.  

While stopping drug use is the primary goal of an effective California rehab program, they also address other aspects in the patient’s life that led to or are a consequence of substance abuse.  These aspects may include mental, social, medical, occupational, and legal issues.  A comprehensive program provides treatment modalities that are proven to heal the whole person.

California Drug Rehab at Design for Change Recovery

At Design for Change Recovery, we understand the importance of healing the whole person.  What this means is we create an individualized approach to treatment for each client based on their specific needs.  

Recovery is a complex process, and our staff realizes that some days are not easy.  Our compassionate and skilled staff makes our client’s comfort and success a priority.  It is important to us that our clients succeed, and we take that responsibility seriously.

If you are looking for effective rehab programs in California, reach out to our Lancaster, CA facility.  One of our representatives will be available to talk about our program options and help you create a treatment plan that is best for your needs.  


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5 Ways to Tell Whether Your California Drug Rehab Program Was Effective