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Consistency is Key for Building a Sober Lifestyle

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Drug addicts and alcoholics are great at consistency. We consistently find the money for drugs. We consistently find people to drink or use with. We consistently feed our drug and alcohol addiction. In recovery, we can utilize those same skills to develop a sober lifestyle. Utilizing the same level of commitment we once had to drinking and using and applying it to sobriety can be a ticket to success.

Here are some ways you can use consistency to build a sober lifestyle:

  1. Put as much time into your recovery as you did your disease. Investing time in your recovery enhances your chances of success. Whether it is therapy, treatment, 12 step meetings, or helping others, investing time in your recovery is paramount to success.
  2. Have a morning routine. Pray. Meditate. Make your bed. Read uplifting literature.  A consistent start to your day can lead to a consistent, sober end to your day.
  3. Eat regularly. You can start with three meals spaced throughout the day to start. Your body and brain need nutrition consistently.
  4. Drink water. Our body is mostly water. Proper hydration is necessary to good health. Try to drink a minimum of 64 ounces of water a day. The water in coffee doesn’t count towards this 64 ounces.
  5. Have a set sleep schedule. Studies have shown that people that go to bed and rise at the same time each day have better sleep resulting in better health.
  6. Write a daily gratitude list. Take time each day to put pen to paper and write 5 things you are grateful for. You can start with being sober.
  7. Be diligent in working the steps. The 12 steps have been the foundation millions have built their sobriety on. It consistently takes time, honesty, and courage to work the steps.
  8. Find a home group. Surrounding yourself with others in recovery is beneficial. Not only will they understand you and your disease, but they can relate when others can’t to what you are thinking and feeling. Find at least one meeting per week that you attend no matter what.
  9. Be of service. You may wonder how helping others helps build a sober lifestyle. You can make coffee for a meeting, give a ride to a newcomer, or help clean the house of someone who is ill. Self-esteem comes from esteemable acts.

You need a firm foundation for a life of sobriety. Give yourself those gifts today.

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Freedom is yours.

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Consistency is Key for Building a Sober Lifestyle