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I Just Finished Alcohol Detox – Now What?

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Now that you’ve completed detox, you’ve taken the first step in recovery.  Congratulations on your success so far.  Alcohol detox is the beginning of a journey that will improve your life in many ways.  

Completing alcohol detox proves that you want to take back control of your life.  But, remember, completing detox doesn’t mean recovery has been achieved.  Why?  Because, recovery is an ongoing process that involves mental, physical, and spiritual healing.  So, an addiction rehabilitation program is the next step in the recovery process. These programs help a person develop the coping skills needed to maintain sobriety. 

Understand Your Healing Process After Alcohol Detox

First, let’s look at a timeline of improvements you will enjoy without the damaging influence of alcohol.  It will give you an idea of the healing process and what to expect.  The physical and emotional attachment to alcohol ceases to be an issue.  Now, your mind and body can focus on creating the life you deserve.  

  • In the first week or two.  Many of the withdrawal symptoms taper off or disappear.  As you  feel better, you become more aware of your own needs.  You may also begin paying attention to your behavior.  This will help to avoid making the same mistakes that led to the drinking problems.
  • A few months later.  You’ll notice that you appreciate the little things in life.  All those things you ignored before are there to enjoy now.  Also, you’ll begin to appreciate the people in your life and take steps to repair broken relationships.
  • After a year.  Your perspective on alcohol and everything it represents has changed.  Rather than feeling that something is missing, you’ll realize your life is fuller and more rewarding without alcohol. 

You’ll also enjoy better sleep, more energy, and improved mental focus.  Some of your physical health issues may improve, as well.  Of course, each person experiences sobriety in their own way.  So, you may notice some positive changes not mentioned above.  

Over time, relapse prevention becomes easier as you adapt to life without alcohol.  Until then, you’ll need some help or encouragement from time to time.  An aftercare program can be a great resource for advice, compassion, and helping you stay focused on your goals. 

Do You Need Rehab After Completing Alcohol Detox?

Detox is the first step in overcoming addiction.  Why?  Because detox focuses primarily on the physical aspects of the addiction.  But, addiction also involves psychological factors that contribute to substance use.  These factors must be addressed to ensure lasting recovery.  Our comprehensive program allows you to move from medically supervised detox into our inpatient or residential program for further treatment.

During rehab, you’ll take part in counseling programs, cognitive behavioral therapy, holistic therapies, and more.  Our programs can adapt to each client’s individual needs to provide the perfect level of care for their unique situation.

Failure to enter a rehabilitation program following detox can result in repeated relapses.  This happens for many reasons. Generally, it’s because the individual has not yet acquired the skills needed to cope with daily challenges without using drugs or alcohol as a coping tool.  These basic life skills can include:

  • Anger management
  • Effective communication skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Self-awareness
  • Nutrition, meal planning
  • Stress management
  • Coping mechanisms
  • Establishing a routine
  • Managing finances, paying bills

Rehab is the best option for gaining the life skills that are vital to lasting recovery.  You’ll learn to identify negative thought patterns or beliefs that led to substance use.  

Overall, rehab helps individuals to discover the underlying reasons for their addiction and develop the confidence and self-reliance needed to prevent future substance use.

Why You Need an Aftercare Program for Relapse Prevention

During alcohol detox, the secure, comforting environment makes you feel safe.  But, it can be frightening.  The outside world is full of temptations.  If you don’t have a supportive network of family and friends, you may feel overwhelmed and alone.  These emotions can trigger a relapse, so you need a plan for managing or avoiding these setbacks.

To help you manage the ups and downs of rejoining society after detox, an aftercare program is the best option.  Skilled counselors and staff can provide the support and guidance you need while coping with the challenges of becoming self-sufficient.

Research shows that the rates of relapse decrease when people take part in an aftercare program.  Some of the components of an aftercare plan should include:  

  • Strategies for relapse prevention.
  • Self-help or other addiction support groups.
  • Follow-up appointments with counselors.
  • Help locating sober living environments.
  • Job placement advice, financial planning, and goal-setting assistance.

With these supportive services, recovering individuals may not give up when things get tough.  

Recovery Begins with Detox but Doesn’t End There

Recovery begins with alcohol detox, but it doesn’t end there.  It is an ongoing process that requires determination and continued support.  At Design for Change Recovery, we offer an individualized, comprehensive program that includes detox, rehabilitation, and aftercare.  We ensure that our clients have the education, continuing support, and skills they’ll need to succeed in recovery.

Contact us today at our toll-free number to learn more about our alcohol detox and treatment programs.

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I Just Finished Alcohol Detox - Now What?