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Addiction Recovery: What is Holistic Therapy?

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Anyone who has suffered from addiction knows that it can destroy a life in many ways. There is no Band-Aid fix for addiction, because it affects the mental, spiritual, emotional and physical parts of a person. Even if an addict feels physically fine one day, they still may suffer in other ways. It takes a multifaceted treatment approach that covers every part of a human being to get the most out of recovery. At Design for Change, we utilize a holistic rehab program to treat the whole individual. So, exactly what is holistic therapy for addiction? Learn more about this well-rounded type of treatment with a number of advantages over more limited rehab types:

Individualized Recovery

When you go to the doctor, you expect the nurse to ask a few questions about your medical history. Our dedicated staff takes this process a step further by learning about a patient’s mental history, because it’s important to know if they have suffered from depression or anxiety before. Addiction may have triggered a decline into mental illness or vice versa. Family is another part of a person’s life that our team takes time to learn about — the absence of this type of support can affect our plan for recovery. When we understand a person’s background, we know what it will take to achieve sobriety.

A Variety of Programs

Effective treatment is the result of several therapies working together to heal every part of a person’s life. A patient may begin their day with psychodrama therapy that allows them to act out certain scenarios from their life and reflect on where their choices take improvised scenes. This type of treatment involves physical activity, so the patient might follow it up with a more relaxed treatment option, such as biosound therapy. Listening to binaural beats and positive mantras is a very introspective form of treatment, and the patient may follow it up with a creative and constructive form of treatment, like learning to play a musical instrument. This is an example of one possible treatment schedule, but there is a wide selection of therapies to mix and match for the individual patient.

Improving the Odds of Success

Human beings are dynamic, so undergoing multiple therapies at once is an effective way to overcome complex addictions. Holistic rehab, like that offered at Design for Change Recovery, works under the assumption that improving a person’s life in one area will have a positive effect on other areas. If a person uses alcohol to self medicate for back pain, the addiction may initially start as a physical problem, but evolve into a mental health issue. The addict may not even be aware that they are suffering from depression or anxiety when they become accustomed to the feeling. A holistic treatment plan will address a person’s life as a whole, even when there are few symptoms of underlying issues. Each specific treatment type complements others to tackle addiction as a whole; this is designed to lead to positive lifestyle changes that last a lifetime.

There’s more to addiction than a craving for drugs or alcohol. The disease slowly affects other parts of a person’s life — damaged relationships, mental illnesses and physical ailments are commonly associated with addiction. It’s easy to fall into a destructive lifestyle but not so easy to recognize the problems that come with it. Admitting that there is a problem and taking action is a huge first step towards holistic recovery. If you think this approach will help in your journey to recovery, check out our holistic addiction therapy page. Learn about our specific treatment strategies and make a positive change in your life.

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