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Using Self-Care To Build Self-Respect And Vice Versa

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Self-care is about more than scheduling a massage, having a date with yourself and netflix, or eating when you’re hungry. All of these things and more can add up to a cohesive self-care program. Self-care is the way we take care of ourselves in the ways that other people can not. We soothe our souls, nourish your spirits, take care of our self-esteem, and we build our self-respect. Self-respect and self-care go hand in hand. When we don’t treat ourselves with respect or create healthy boundaries which demand that we are treated with respect, we are not taking care of ourselves. Respect is what makes us feel good about who we are, what we do, and how we are treated by others, which is a reflection of how we treat ourselves. Simply put, self-care is self-respect, and vice versa.

Apply Mindfulness To Notice Respect And Disrespect

Can you notice when you don’t feel like you are being taken care of? Can you notice when you don’t feel like you’re being respected? In the beginning, it may be hard to pinpoint. Generally, something just won’t feel good. Inside your gut, you’ll have an intuitive sense that something about a situation, choice, behavior, or action isn’t what is best for you. The clearest sign is that something isn’t making you feel good about yourself. Recovery doesn’t mean feeling perfect all the time. It does mean becoming aware of what specifically makes us not feel good, because these can be triggers for relapse. Mindfully notice these moments and start to create a mental list of these negative situations. With your therapist, you can examine why this doesn’t sit well with you and how you can change your approach to it in the future.

Set Clear Boundaries

As you refine that list, you will know what your hard lines are, meaning the areas where you absolutely refuse to compromise. Each time you relax on these boundaries, you harm your sense of self-respect, thereby not continuing to take care of yourself.

Continue To Take Care And Build Respect

Self-care is a series of actions and self-respect is built over time. Recovery is teaching you to take things one day at a time. Each day, you are given new opportunities to practice self-care and self-respect.

You are worth recovery. You are capable of recovering. At Design For Change, we are showing clients how to take action and change their lives, one step at a time. For information on our recovery services and treatment programs, call us today at (877) 267-3646.

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