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Change Follows Action

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Actively moving forward, at a constant pace, shapes new patterns.  When new habits are made, less time is available to make wrong decisions, thus breaking the cycle of addiction.  In therapy, conversations of needs and wants are acknowledged.  The struggle for understanding pulls at the addict’s mind.  Discussing how to receive healthy needs and wants constructs future change.  During therapy, the individual will help compile information for a recovery plan or action plan.  Following the plan will generate change and hope for a new future.

Getting Help

The first step to change is getting treatment.  Finding the right facility and calling for information is taking action.  Doctors and therapists helping through treatment give addicts a toolbox of inspiration and knowledge.  Actively using the tools assist the addict in regaining control.  The action plan lays out everything the individual wants to accomplish.  Goals and deadlines are set to hold the addict accountable.  The support from treatment continues to grow as does the person in recovery.

Stick to the Plan

The recovery plan has several key elements including, review of what the addict has lived through, what treatment resembles, and what the future can hold.  Starting with the basics and taking action on baby steps will get the individual past the fear of starting a new life.  The basics include diet, exercise, personal hygiene, and self-care.  Stress management and self-care are set with the therapist.  Cognitive behavioral therapy is a safe environment to work through the hard emotions and take action on regaining self-control.

Changing the Plan

When treatment is over and the addict is transitioning back into society, taking action is still a priority.  Success in recovery won’t happen without direct intent to change.  Continuing on with the action plan will push the person in recovery to better themselves.  Actively changing the plan according to the addict’s needs is recommended.  

Keep the Healthy Habits

Through all of the changes and goals, healthy habits should always be included in the action plan.  Eventually, the person in recovery will not even notice the healthy habits are still being executed, until the pattern is interrupted.  Occasionally the interruption will be paired with relapse.  When possible, the best option is to avoid relapse at all costs.  Relapse is part of recovery, although many disregard the fact.  The addict needs to use the toolbox of relapse prevention and the action plan to counteract the event.  Not allowing addiction to take back control is success in recovery.

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Change follows action