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design for change recovery holistic rehab centerWhy Choose a Holistic Rehab Center?

Addiction affects every part of a human being. It affects us mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually. Design for Change Recovery understands that every person is unique, so every person must have a specialized treatment plan. At our holistic drug rehab center in Lancaster, California, we take the time to talk about our patient’s drug or alcohol history, any mental health issues (such as depression or anxiety), and relationship history (spouse, family).

Once we have a better understanding of the patient as a whole, we can customize an individualized treatment plan exclusively for them. We offer a wide variety of holistic therapies including the following:

  • Sociometry
  • Psychodrama
  • Biosound therapy
  • Fitness
  • Nutrition classes
  • Music therapy
  • Art therapy


Sociometry focuses on relational issues within patients’ lives. It helps clients connect with people in their lives and explores relationships and connections. A certified therapist conducts a full sociometry report with the client before engaging in psychodrama.


Psychodrama is action therapy which enables patients develop their physical and emotional well-being. Our clients have the opportunity to play out real-life scenarios so they can gain a deeper understanding into their lives. Scenes can be of potential trigger situations, mental states, unfinished situations, or preparation of future situations. Some of the benefits of psychodrama includes the exploration of internal as well as external conflicts, developing communication skills, and learning about one’s own behavior. For more information, read our blog post about creating change through psychodrama.

Biosound Therapy

Biosound incorporates biofeedback, sound frequency healing, music therapy, and guided imagery. The patient lies on a special biosound bed that uses the combination of music, vibrations, and binaural beats to induce a meditative state.

This process is extremely healing, relaxing, and helpful to assist in modifying behaviors. The biosound sensor glasses have video guided imagery and sound that utilize positive messages and affirmations. This serves to relax, motivate, and encourage the client.

Biosound therapy is based on decades of scientific research on the complexities of emotions, stress, and interactions between the brain and heart. It helps patients become more aware, and more focused. People in detox may be distracted by their physical withdrawal symptoms, so it eliminates exaggerated senses, and reduces anxiety through the physically stimulating vibrations in the bed.

Fitness & Exercise

Taking care of ourselves physically is very important. When we exercise, we produce serotonin, build self-esteem, and create discipline in our lives.

Clients go to the gym 3 times a week at a nearby fitness center. As a unique and full featured holistic drug treatment center in Lancaster we also offer the following:

  • Dance
  • Yoga
  • Physical Fitness
  • Personal Trainer

The fitness schedule for all patients is in direct proportion to their recovery program. It’s important to have balance in all our patients’ schedules.

Nutrition Classes

Learning how to take care of our health is imperative. Filling our bodies with nutritious, healthy foods make us feel better.

When we fill our bodies with drugs and alcohol, we rob ourselves of essential nutritional vitamins. In order for our bodies to function at its highest potential, we need to eat healthy.

Maintaining a balanced diet can:

  • Help Us Stay At A Healthy Weight
  • Boost Immune System
  • Enhance Concentration And Mood
  • Give Us Energy

Music Therapy

In our music program, a music instructor teaches patients how to play musical instruments. Clients choose a musical instrument they are interested in, and actually learn how to play it. Other clients may already know how to play a particular instrument, so they can play the one they’re comfortable with.

Learning to appreciate music in a sober environment is important. Many times music can bring back memories of using drugs or alcohol, and could cause a potential trigger.

Music is a powerful force, and can evoke many thoughts and feelings. Learning to equate music with new positive memories and activities will strengthen recovery.

Art Therapy

Art can be a healing way to express yourself. We can express our thoughts, feelings, and emotions through art.

When we use drugs or alcohol, our capacity to express ourselves artistically can be diminished. Engaging in artistic activities can help us express ourselves in a healthy, creative, fun way.

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