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Which California Rehab Centers Offer Four to Six Month Programs?

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Home Articles Which California Rehab Centers Offer Four to Six Month Programs?

Many people seek long-term rehab to treat their addictions. Unfortunately, experts classify addiction as a disease, thus it’s recurrent and difficult to treat. For those individuals who are determined to conquer their addiction, long-term rehab may be a solution. Long-term rehab is classified as a program that is 30-90 days or longer. However, the length of a treatment program should be tailored to an individual’s problem and resources. If an individual believes that he should receive a longer amount of treatment, four-to-six months is also a desirable program of treatment.

Design For Change Recovery Services is a drug rehab center situated in Lancaster, California that has many wonderful attributes for a person seeking drug rehab. Design for Living implements twelve-step holistic care that addresses the physical and emotional needs of a person trying to turn around his life.

There are many benefits to receiving long-term rehab instead of short-term rehab. For example, if an individual decides to only attend rehab for a month, he will most likely only achieve a month free of drugs, instead of potentially a lifetime with four-to-six month rehab at a center in California. He will also become part of a community, which can make a person suffering from addiction feel less alone in his struggle, especially if he is estranged from family and friends. In fact, a study from the NIDA (U.S. National Institute of Drug Abuse) reports that at least 90 days are needed to provide an individual with a good chance of recovery.

Long-term rehabs use different methods of treatment, so an individual should do extensive research on what program he believes would be best suited to conquer his addiction. If he is truly serious about successful treatment he should look into long-term rehab, potentially four-to-six months at a rehab center in California.

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