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One of the worst reasons a person does not seek recovery for their substance abuse or mental health disorder is because they cannot afford the care. Fortunately there are a lot of affordable rehab centers that offer easy financing and insurance coverage. If you are looking for a California alcohol rehab or even a cocaine treatment center that is affordable and offers quality care than Design For Living may be your best choice. Design For Living accepts most major insurance and you can submit a form online to check insurance verification. If you or the person who needs help does not have insurance they should still get in contact with the staff for the easy payment options that are available.

Even though this treatment center is affordable to everyone and easily financed the quality of care is outstanding. The staff is made up of doctors, medical consultants, clinical supervisors, counselors and other team members. Design For Living is designed so their patients feel comfortable as if they are part of a special team or family and not trapped away in some cold painful hospital.

The actual treatment compound is designed as a peaceful sanctuary so patients want to feel better and be as clean as their surroundings. The communal living type arrangement is encouraged so patients are able to build a support system from within and even create long term friendships with people that have experienced very similar journeys. There are private individual living quarters along with group areas so patients are able feel comfortable and find balance. There is also a gym, sauna, pool and spacious outdoor area so patients can be active and really be able to feel free and not so cooped up. Many outdoor activities are offered so patients are also able to put in some physical work towards their recovery goal.

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