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How Can The Family Heal From Addiction?

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Addiction is a family disease; there is no question. When a loved one becomes addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, they affect the entire world around them. Addiction never exists in a vacuum. As a result, the family system is often influenced negatively. Trying to cope with the tumultuous journey of addiction while maintaining family balance is hard to do. There are disappointments, shocks, arguments, pleas for sobriety, emergency room visits, calls to the police. Most importantly, there is heartbreak. Sometimes the family gives up, and harsh boundaries are set. Other times, the family fights relentlessly for their loved one in whom they so deeply believe. Healing from addiction is possible for the addict and the entire family. Here are some of the ways the family can begin to heal.

Become Knowledgeable About Addiction

If your loved one were diagnosed with a severe medical disease that was threatening their livelihood and was described as “fatal,” the family would dive into a frenzy finding any possible solution. Addiction is now required to be considered a medical condition, commonly called a disease, and unarguably fatal. Addiction isn’t a choice, and it is not a moral failing. Chemical dependency on drugs and alcohol results from a skewed system in the brain, a body’s weakness, and a spirit’s malady, which needs healing. Understand what addiction is, how it works, why someone gets addicted, and the numerous methods used to heal it.

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Get Involved With 12 Step

You do not have to do this alone as the family of a loved one with an addiction. There are twelve-step groups specifically created for the families of addicts and alcoholics. Al-Anon and Ala-Teen are twelve-step programs that the whole family can attend. With information on drug addiction and alcoholism and practical solutions for healing, these programs will not show you how to change your loved one and positively change yourself to support your loved one healthily.

Attend Family Programming

Deciding to go to treatment is huge for the addict and the entire family. However, the work is not done. Most treatment centers offer family therapy and family programming weekends. Take advantage of every opportunity to work with your loved one in treatment. With a licensed therapist present, you can work through the pains and hurts on both ends while finding healthy ways to communicate, set new rules, and live the life recovery promises.

Hope exists in recovery. At Design For Change, we see it every day. Offering addicts and alcoholics a refuge of safety, our residential treatment programs inspire clients to take action and create change in their life. Everyone is capable of change. Everyone is capable of recovery. For more information, call us today.

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