Photos of our Rehab Center in Lancaster, CA

Peaceful Sanctuary

The Design for Change Recovery Center is an alcohol and drug rehab located in Lancaster, CA, in the Antelope Valley in Southern California, nestled between the serene beautiful desert and the mountains. Our addiction treatment facilities in Lancaster, California are located close enough to Los Angeles for visits but far enough to feel as though you are away from temptations and in privacy. The neighborhood in which we are located is quiet and our facilities are well appointed. We believe in the importance of a clean home to nurture a clean mind and we respect our space and the space of our clients.

Our drug rehabilitation center at Design for Change has areas for both relaxation and for therapy. Our on-site group rooms offer a place for everyone to discuss their issues and share openly. We have weekly 12 step groups, educational, relapse prevention and stress/anger management groups and family counseling. Note that we also offer “non 12 step” alternatives. We offer individual and small group counseling in other settings as well. As a dual diagnosis treatment center we have adequate facilities to treat both addiction and mental health issues.

Visitors Encouraged

We encourage the family members of our clients to visit because while only one family member is being treated, addiction can be a family disease in which everyone can learn a little bit more about themselves and how to help their loved one. Our rehab in Lancaster has private areas perfect for relaxing, chatting and visiting with family. Family members and loved ones are welcome to come on Family Visiting Day and especially on client graduation days.

Communal Living

Communal living is proven to be effective for helping clients stay accountable to themselves and each other while creating the space for building long-term friendships and a support system. Whether a client is here for alcoholism or drug abuse they will find a nurturing community for recovery. An effective drug rehabilitation center design is something that we have taken into account at our facility. That’s why our clients’ rooms are private and semi-private depending on the preference of the client. We stick to a family style atmosphere at our drug and alcohol treatment facilities in Lancaster, providing clean comfortable and clean living quarters in a safe atmosphere in which recovery can take place and thrive.


We have a gym, sauna and pool that all clients are welcome to use during free time. The local natural landscape is perfect for physical activities like hiking. Starting new behaviors like physical fitness can positively contribute to a person’s recovery process.

Service Areas

While our facility is located in Lancaster, California, we accept individuals from all over the country. Some of our primary service areas include Los Angeles and San Francisco.