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Are You Emotionally Resilient?

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Emotional resiliency is a trait that can be developed. It refers to your ability to adapt to crisis or stressful situations. Those with high emotional resiliency adapt to adversity with ease. This is true for both major and minor stressors. Some individuals seem to have been born this way. Others have to learn this way of being.

Being Emotionally Resilient

Some people are less upset by challenges and surprises. Some of the main characteristic of emotionally resilient individuals include:

  • Persistence. They keep going no matter what setbacks they may face. They don’t give up when faced with adversity.
  • Self-care. They have a wide array of self-care practices they cultivate on a regular basis. They may include meditation, learning something new, or petting an animal.
  • Optimism. They can see the value in any situation. They see the gift in the struggle, rather than focus on being a victim.
  • Self-awareness. They understand their needs, including when there is a need to ask for help. They have emotional awareness.
  • Acceptance. They lean into pain and trusting they’ll bounce back.
  • Mindfulness. They live in the moment without judgment or avoidance. It takes practice, but it’s one of the purest and most ancient forms of healing and resilience-building.
  • Patience. They are ok with not knowing all the answers about why traumatic events occur. They allow answers to naturally emerge in divine timing.
  • Sense of humor. They can laugh at themselves and life’s difficulties. This can alter one’s view from a threat to a challenge.
  • Community connector. They understand the value of support and surround themselves with other resilient friends. They surround themselves with others that can be with adversity, rather than trying to fix it.
  • Powerful. They believe they are in control of their own lives. This makes them solution-oriented and lowers stress levels.

There are two key things you can do today to expand your emotional resiliency. Take action. Pick a goal and take a tiny step towards making it happen. Next, take another tiny step. Another action to develop your resiliency is to image what you want to have happen, rather than what you fear.

Resilient people have many great characteristics. They learn from their mistakes and see obstacles as challenges. They tend to have a reliance on a higher power that they tap into for strength. Emotional resiliency can be developed. Stress is a part of life. Developing the ability to respond to stress in a positive way can change your life.

One step at a time, one day at a time, you can recover. At Design For Change, we offer refuge to those seeking to win against addiction because there is freedom in recovery.

There is hope.

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Are You Emotionally Resilient?