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How Can You Practice Mindfulness Exercises for the Autumn?

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Home QA How Can You Practice Mindfulness Exercises for the Autumn?

Autumn is a wonderful time of year. It’s a time of letting go. It’s a time of harvest. It’s a time of going within, embracing the dark, and the quiet. Autumn is a transition to the cold, dark winter. Mindfulness is a practice of being present. It is a wonderful practice for this season of transition. Here are some mindfulness exercises for Autumn:

  1.      Exercise. The brisk air in the morning may make you want to reach for the snooze button. Instead hop out of bed and move your body. You can do a workout video on YouTube or go outside and breathe in the wonderful scents as you walk or job. Exercises increases endorphins and enhances your immune system.
  2.      Mindful eating. Fall is a wonderful time to enjoy eating the bountiful harvests. This doesn’t mean you have to overeat. Try taking a bite and letting yourself feel the texture of the food as your chew, notice the flavor, inhale the aromas. Put your fork down and take a breath before your next bite. This mindful practice can slow down your meal and decrease the amount of food you consume.
  3.      Journaling. Sitting down with a journal and a cup of tea, write whatever comes to mind. Free writing for 10 minutes a day can relieve stress and enhance creativity.
  4.      Chose activities that make your heart sing. Make a list of 5 activities that bring you joy. A list of activities where time disappears when you do them. It could be rock climbing, surfing, coloring, or dancing. Make your list and then do one today.
  5.      Notice your feelings. The dark cold can bring depression and anxiety. Be aware of whatever you are feeling. Invite self-compassion to be present.
  6.      Collect a leaf. Go on a walk where you choose one leaf that speak to you. Pick it up. Smell it. Notice the veins. Notice its unique beauty. You can add the leaf to your table as a centerpiece, add it to an altar to honor the changing seasons, or draw a picture of it in your journal.
  7.      Meditate. Autumn is a wonderful time of year to cultivate a meditation practice. Whether you sit in silence, listen to a guided meditation, or do a walking meditation, the time of quiet reflection is a perfect complement to the changing seasons. Enjoy!

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Mindfulness for autumn