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Ecstasy Rehab: A Good Idea

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Heroin rehabilitationEcstasy rehab? No way! The reason a lot of people fall into the trap of drug addiction has to do with the simple relief experienced through the suspension of self-consciousness. It can be excruciating to be a teenager and feel the judgment of your peers upon you. It can even more painful if at home, parents are pressuring you for a kind of academic or athletic performance. The world is intense enough without feeling like you have to perform perfectly in order to belong. People find themselves seeing a kind of suspension from self through whatever means appear to be at hand. It’s not the most typical kind of lesson imparted through educational institutions, that the things that one finds most rewarding are sometime that hardest earned. The high to be had from swimming or running, for example, requires some amount of discipline, not to mention, a few key pieces of equipment. In some ways the path into addiction and out give a person a set of experiences and skills that are very unique. It’s not just in California alcohol rehabs flourish. All over the world people struggle to make sense out of their lives and find a workable life-path. However, as a nation we rely in the infrastructure of institutions to develop and protect each generation.

One area in which more investment should be made would be in the area of personality and strengths assessment. In the work of our hands, in our areas of great interest and passion, we can lose ourselves. To find that thing which actually moves your soul and gives you purpose in the quest to grasp or perfect that thing, you can experience forgetting yourself, and that may have been all you wanted in the first place.

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