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Why Am I Having Such A Hard Time Right Now?

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Many people make the mistake of thinking that sobriety fixes everything. We believe that sobriety is the answer to all of our problems because drugs and alcohol, as well as our addiction to them, is the cause of all our problems. It’s actually our problems which caused our problems with drugs and alcohol. Though getting and staying sober certainly has a positive effect on our lives, it isn’t the answer to all problems, ever. Instead, our sobriety equips us to handle problems more effectively. Most importantly, our sobriety gives us the ability to manage our problems without picking up a drink or a drug. Unfortunately, there are still problems. Some will be easy, some will seem impossible. Either way, we are able to get through life without having to pick up drugs or alcohol.

While that may be reassuring in some ways, that doesn’t make going through a hard time any easier. You might want to check what’s going on internally. Often, we feel like we’re having such a hard time with life because we aren’t necessarily doing life the right way. Meaning, we’ve misplaced some of our spiritual tools in our recovery toolbox. As a result, we struggle to cope and we ultimately have a very hard time of things.

Another classic mistake we make in recovery is believing that sobriety turns is into superheroes. Recovery can certainly feel that way. We’re more upbeat, we’re more enthusiastic, and we are more capable than we ever have been. We also tend to feel like we owe ourselves, and the rest of the world, an ongoing amends by doing everything we never did nor never would have done when we were actively using. Taking on too many commitments and responsibilities is what you could call a rookie mistake for people in recovery. Everybody does it. While you are capable and it is wonderful, you’re also still human. You need time to breath, take a break, and take care of yourself. When you’re overwhelmed with your responsibilities, you forget your ultimate responsibility to yourself and your recovery which includes prioritizing self-care. You get burned out and everything gets very hard.

Recovery does get better. It gets easier with every passing day. By staying in a long term, step down treatment program, you can continue to grow in a structured therapeutic environment focused on spiritual development and wellness of mind as well as body. Design For Change can show you the way to refuge from addiction. For information on our programs, call us today at (877) 267-3646.

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