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Why Is It Important to Ask for Help?

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Some people are naturally good at asking for help. They can’t reach something at the grocery store and they don’t hesitate to ask a passerby for assistance. There are others who would rather go without than ask for help. Whether you need help with a life threatening drug addiction or help moving a piece of furniture it’s important to ask.

Here are 10 reasons it is important to ask for help:

  1.     You are not alone. Sometimes we forget. Sometimes we think we are not loved.
  2.     It feels good to help. Think of a time you were able to help someone. It feels good.
  3.     Struggling is selfish. If your problem is causing you or others harm, like a drug or alcohol addiction, it is actually selfish of you not to ask for help.
  4.     The outcome is usually better. The saying two minds are better than one is very true.
  5.     It decreases stress. Having someone to help whether it is emotional, physical, or spiritual help can actually reduce our stress.
  6.     It’s a procrastination remedy. If you know your friend is coming to your house at 10am with a moving van, it will light the fire to finish packing.
  7.     You allow someone to share their gifts and talents. Whether it is asking a friend to play music for a party, to bake your child’s birthday cake, or to help you demolish your kitchen, you allow them to share their strengths.
  8.     Your boss would rather have work done correctly than independently. If someone can show you how to do something and save you hours of work as a result, ask for help!
  9.     It hurts to watch people we care about struggle. You may think asking for help is an imposition, but actually when people care about us, it’s hard on them when they know we are struggling alone.
  10.  You deserve it. Humans are not designed to operate independently. We are in communities for a reason. Everyone deserves help. Give it and receive it.

If you are drowning in bills, or water, or addiction, ask for help. Don’t wait until tomorrow. Think about who to call. It could be a debt counselor, a lifeguard, or an addiction counselor. Get out your phone and call them now.  You don’t have to do this alone. It takes courage to ask for help.

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