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What Makes Sobriety So Great?

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Many addicts and alcoholics who are hesitant to get sober in the beginning share a similar story about their first experiences with other sober people- they were so happy. Drugs and alcohol, more specifically, drug and alcohol addiction, can cause misery. At the end of their drinking and using careers, addicts and alcoholics are not happy. They’re sick. They’re miserable. They can’t stop abusing drugs and alcohol. They can’t imagine living without drugs and alcohol. Then, they meet sober people. People who have been where they are right now- sick, miserable, and unable to stop. Yet these other people are happy. These other people have light in their eyes, warmth in their cheeks, and an aura of serenity about them. Somehow these people found a way to quit using drugs and alcohol and stay quit from drugs and alcohol. Somehow that small fact, which seems like an impossible feat, was the source of all this happiness. These people had hope. These people had freedom. How?

Sobriety and recovery are great for many reasons, the best reason being you aren’t addicted to drugs and alcohol anymore. Great debates are held on whether or not you’re ever not an addict or an alcoholic. Most people generally agree that it isn’t actually the drugs and alcohol which make an addict an addict or an alcoholic an alcoholic. Deeper underlying issues which create a need to live in a reality different than the one available without drugs and alcohol is what causes the addiction. Chemical dependency is part of the process.

Not being actively addicted to drugs and alcohol means you are in better health, you don’t wake up with hangovers, you rarely forget where you’ve been, and you’re finding peace in your life. When you aren’t addicted to drugs and alcohol, you have more money, you have better control over your feelings and your behaviors, and you are able to be present in your relationship with others. You don’t feel a need to get loaded, get wasted, get high, get stoned, get trashed, or get any other way other than the way you feel right now. That’s because when you’re not addicted anymore, you’re okay being yourself, without the drugs and alcohol. Sobriety is great because it gives you a second chance in life, a chance that drugs and alcohol were taking away a little bit more, each and every day.

Hope exists in recovery. There is hope for you to recover because everyone is capable of recovering. Design For Change offers residential treatment programs for drug and alcohol addiction which provide the tools for unparalleled peace of mind and wellness for mind and body. For information, call us today at (877) 267-3646.

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