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What Do I Need For Sober Living?

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Sober living is part of the transition through lower levels of care and a form of maintenance after treatment. Each sober living is different, providing different amenities and needed items. Most often, you will need to provide your own food and personal items.

  • Bed linens and Towels: Most sober livings are going to provide all the bedlinens and towels that you need. Some houses have a uniform look, so they will ask you to keep bedding the same in order to maintain the look of the house. Other sober livings might be more liberal, or minimally supplies. If you have the ability to customize, you might feel better bringing bed linen that is new or belongs to you, in addition to towels. Just remember, these are small details. The most important part is focusing on your recovery.
  • Toiletries: Again, there is a likelihood that the owner of the house buys things like bathroom supplies in bulk for everyone to use, but, they might not. You’ll want to buy the toiletries that you like using for yourself in the bathroom so that you can get clean and do your hygiene self-care in a way that works for you. Remember its sober living. While everyone is working on bettering themselves, people can still act in less than their best behaviors. You might want to consider getting a shower caddy so that you keep your personal toiletry items private when you aren’t using the bathroom.
  • Meeting Attendance: You’re going to need to regularly attend meetings in order to stay in a sober living. Each house will have different rules about how many times a week you need to attend and what kind of meetings you need to attend. Going to meetings is important for your recovery, your progress through the twelve steps, and for bonding with your housemates.
  • An Open Mind: Living with a group of recovering addicts and alcoholics is an amazing experience, but it can also be a challenging experience. Everyone is on the same journey, taking different paths. The beauty of being in a sober living is sharing a space with people who have struggled with addiction and done the work to get sober. More importantly they’re doing the work to stay sober. However, addicts in recovery are still human, which means they aren’t perfect. Everyone is going to have bad days. You have to be open minded to the experience and the people by remembering everyone is going through the process of early recovery.

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