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The Design For Change alcohol treatment center in California is a very unique rehab center. Unlike other non-12 step rehab centers, Design For Change Recovery Services combines the basic standard methods of treatment for alcoholism along with other holistic methods of treatment that aim at improving the all around mental and physical wellness of their patients. Patients are encouraged to go outside and be more active to really reconnect with their bodies in a more positive way than they have been treating it with their addiction.ity treats all kinds of drug addictions whether it is prescription drug abuse or illicit drug abuse.

They combine both of these methods because not only do they believe in the traditional ways of treating alcoholism but they also want their patients to feel more comfortable and free in recovery. Without things like group therapy or group activity a patient may feel trapped and alone with just these steps being pounded into them. Design For Change Recovery Services does not want to drag this addiction out of them by having them repeat these steps over and over and constantly admitting they are powerless to their addiction. This type of alcohol rehab in California wants their patients to become free from their addiction and live an all around healthier lifestyle. They want to empower their patients to overcome their old habits.

Design For Change Recovery Services has a very caring and supportive staff consisting of doctors, counselors and other addiction specialists that really put all they have into treating their patients. They actually try to form a relationship with their patients so that their patients feel close and they are able to really open up to them about their issues. Patients need to feel comfortable and trust these people to let them in and help them heal.

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