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If you or someone you know is seeking drug rehabilitation in California, Design For Change Recovery Services may be just the type of treatment center you may be searching for. Whether you are an out of state resident looking for a rehabilitation center away from your home or if you are a California resident, the drug rehab in Palmdale can be perfect. The drug rehab in Palmdalehas a location that gives just the right amount of California relaxed vibes and far enough away from the big cities. The desert air in Palmdale is clean and crisp and the wide-open views can really clear anyone’s mind.

Whichever type of drug addiction one may have, Design For Living has all types of programs from cocaine treatment to prescription drug treatment. Patients may receive their own individualized program depending on how they are assessed and evaluated. Design For Change Recovery Services uses facilitation counseling in order to dive deep into the patients issues that can really help them understand their addiction and the causes. Once again depending on the patients’ assessment and evaluation the length of stay is determined. Some patients may only need 30 days of treatment at the facility while others may need as long as six months.

A patient that may need six months usually spends three months in the treatment facility and three months in some type of sober living environment. This may seem intense, however for patients who have experienced relapse in the past may find this as their best option for full recovery. Design For Change Recovery Services also provides easy financing options so nothing can hold you back from getting yourself or a loved one the treatment they need.

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