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How Does Sociometry Apply to Addiction Treatment?

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Sociometry is defined as “the measurement of attitudes of social acceptance or rejection through expressed preferences among members of a social grouping.” Sociometry is known to result in problem solving, conflict resolution, and kindness towards others. It’s a way to deepen relationships and become more authentic.

In social situations, choices are constantly made. We choose where to sit, who to stand next to, who leads, who seems friendly, and who gets left out. We are often unconscious of what drives our choices. The founder of sociometry, Dr.Jakob Moreno stated, “Sociometric explorations reveal the hidden structures that give a group its form: the alliances, the subgroups, the hidden beliefs, the forbidden agendas…” In other words, it’s a way to bring the unspoken to the forefront of group awareness.

In drug and alcohol treatment, it’s important for cohesion between group members to be created. Sociometry can be utilized to break the ice and help formulate group cohesion. When you are fighting for your life, as you are in treatment, the bonds you create with others can be your lifeline. Sociometric exercises can help group members feel safe.

Many drug addicts and alcoholics experience high levels of anxiety in social situations. Using drugs or alcohol was a way to bypass those feelings. Sociometric exercises can reduce anxiety levels and help create a foundation of safety in the new setting.

Sociometric exercises guide participants to make decisions rapidly. They are given a set of instructions which they need to follow. For example, the leader might say, “You are to choose one person in this group that you would most trust to give you advice on financial advising. Place one hand on the shoulder of the person you choose. Go.” There can be a wide variety of choices in the exercises from who you’d trust to get your coffee order right to who you’d go to for guidance on rebuilding a motorcycle. The instructions are always specific.

This exploration about the group’s structure is transparent. The group members are in the process, rather than being told about the process. Founder Moreno felt that this exploration was sociometric if each person in the group felt that the exercise was for their benefit.

In treatment, the whole process is for your benefit. From the minute you sign up until you leave, your treatment is a new beginning. Give yourself the gift of treatment today.

One step at a time, one day at a time, you can recover. At Design For Change, we offer refuge to those seeking to win against addiction because there is freedom in recovery. There is hope. Call us today to learn more about our long-term treatment programs and recovery services creating change, one step at a time. (877) 267-3646

How Does Sociometry Apply to Addiction Treatment?