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The Effects of Alcohol on Your Body

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Let’s face it, most people drink from time to time and when that happens they tend to avoid thinking about what alcohol really is and what it is doing to their body. Alcohol can seem like a fun escape that lets you relax and be uninhibited but what it boils down to is basically a poisonous substance that affects the brain. The reason people behave differently under the influence of alcohol is because it actually alters the chemistry of your brain causing it to slow down thought processes and reaction time. It can also cause memory loss and “black outs” because of its negative effect on the brain. While these effects can seem humorous or all part of the fun they can cause long term brain damage the more alcohol you consume. People in alcohol rehab California facilities have a chance to recover from some of the damage they have done to the brain but much of it can actually be permanent.

Aside from the effects of alcohol on the brain it also does a lot of damage to a person’s liver. Alcohol is a poison and the toxins it has must be filtered out to protect your body. The burden of filtering out this toxic substance largely falls on the liver and it can take its toll on this important organ. People who avoid alcohol treatment can develop cirrhosis and this type of disease cannot be completely reversed. You can quit drinking or attend rehab for alcohol to help alleviate symptoms of cirrhosis but a lot of the damage is already done. Eventually the consequences of drinking something that is not good for your body will become more obvious to you. It is never too late to stop drinking but quitting early can help you avoid serious damage to your brain or liver.

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