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Those with Mental Illnesses Can Quit Addictions

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Home Articles Those with Mental Illnesses Can Quit Addictions

It has become more apparent in recent years that individuals who have pre-existing mental illnesses are more susceptible to substance abuse. This is because the symptoms of many of these illnesses go untreated and people start seeking ways to medicate themselves. Someone with undiagnosed depression problems may never go to a therapist and end up drinking because the alcohol makes them feel happier at least temporarily. Since they do not realize they have a mental illness they could end up self-medicating with alcohol for years before they need the best dual diagnosis treatment centers to help them recover. Even though it can be a lot more difficult for people with depression or any other mental illness to actually quit it is possible for them to make a full recovery. They might need more specialized kinds of treatment in order to become sober but it is in their power to end their addiction. As soon as they are diagnosed with having both a mental illness and a serious addiction they will probably be referred to dual diagnosis recovery so that they can get the attention that they need.

Anyone who struggles with addiction can deal with many obstacles along the road to recovery. For people with depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder there is a lot more to be addressed during treatment and their habits will be harder to break. With mental illness addictions there are two problems that have to be treated because both of them are connected in a lot of ways. There is a cycle that exists with symptoms of mental illness leading to abuse and the other way around as well. To achieve a full recovery, there must be treatment in both areas so that the cycle can be broken and sobriety is achieved.

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