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Drug Detox Programs


Drug and Alcohol Detox in Lancaster

Detoxification is typically the first stage in the process of recovery. This purpose of the alcohol and drug detox process is to rid the body of chemical substances, providing a smooth transition into our addiction treatment program. Alcohol and drug detoxification is not easy, and because of this it is one of the primary reasons individuals leave treatment. At Design for Change, we fully recognize the difficulty of this stage in recovery, and our caring staff provides have the support and tools necessary to ensure the detox process is successful.

Detoxification Process

Our Lancaster drug & alcohol detox programs begin with a comprehensive evaluation, during which your drug use history will be evaluated in order to create a custom detoxification plan for you. This serves to assure that the detoxification process is as comfortable as possible.

How Long Does it Take to Detox?

Detoxifying from drugs and alcohol can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks or more, depending on the type of substances used, amount of substances used, duration of use, and biological makeup. The goal of our alcohol and drug detox program is to assist clients in becoming comfortable and clear-headed, increasing the chances of growth and ability to accept change once they enter treatment.

Detox at Design for Change

Design for Change is a State Licensed, Social Model Detox facility. If Medical Detox is deemed necessary, our Lancaster alcohol & drug detox programs will provide the care you need before entering treatment.

Recover in Comfort

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