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5 Of The Kindest Ways You Can Support Someone In Treatment For Addiction

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Treatment is a major process of transformation during which your loved one will need all the kindness, love, compassion, and support they can get. Here are 5 thoughtful ways you can bring kindness to their days during treatment.

  • Send them inspirational cards and letters of encouragement: Even if you talk to them every day, see them regularly for visiting hours, and have scheduled yourself to attend family programming, sending a word of encouragement can be a random act of inspiration. You never know when they will receive a card or letter from you and whether or not it might be exactly what they are going to need in that moment.
  • Attend family weekend or family programming: Most treatment centers offer a weekend of family programming in which family members can visit to learn about addiction, gain tools for supporting their loved one, have private sessions with their loved one’s individual therapist, and participate in group therapy sessions. By showing up to family weekend, you’re showing up for your loved one.
  • Spend visiting hours playing a game and having fun: Being able to visit a loved one in treatment is a special time. Seeing them progress, gain back their health, and spread a genuine smile across their face are priceless moments. On difficult days, it can be a challenge to lift their spirits and remind them that their hard work is worth it and that they’re doing a great job. Bring a favorite game or snack (to be cleared by treatment staff). Take a walk around the grounds if possible. Ask them what they do during the day. Rather than focus on the fact that they’re in treatment, focus on the good that they are creating in their life and the healing which is taking place.
  • Remind Them How Much They Are Loved: Treatment is full of ups and downs. Some days are going to be easier for your loved one than others. Whether they are a good mood or a bad mood, believing they can do it or doubting themselves, full of optimism or pessimistic rage, it is important to remind them how much they are loved. As their supporter, you will have to maintain an anchor of equanimity, meaning you won’t be shaken by their transitioning moods. By continuing to remind them they are loved, you remind them that you are present and supporting them along this journey and all of its imperfections Recovery is about progress, not perfection. Along the way, there is always love.

You are loved and worth the love you give yourself by staying clean and sober one day at a time. Everyone is capable of recovering. At Design For Change, our long term treatment programs help clients heal mind, body, and spirit while helping them create lifelong change. For more information on our programs and recovery services, call us today at (877) 267-3646.

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