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5 reasons you should consider chiropractic care during treatment

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Chiropractic medicine, which focuses on the relationship between the skeleton, muscles and nerves, has been proven successful in helping patients to recover from addiction. Following are five reasons you should consider chiropractic therapy during treatment.

  1. While we are detoxing from addictive substances, we become acutely aware of physical pain and discomfort that we previously masked with drugs and alcohol. Chiropractic therapy helps us to identify this pain, while offering physical relief. In addition, chiropractic therapy can reduce cravings for our addictive substances, as well as harmful levels of cortisol, a steroid that increases blood pressure. Conversely, chiropractic therapy increases blood circulation and oxygen levels, both of which are beneficial.
  2. Another key benefit of chiropractic therapy is stress relief, particularly in the beginning stages of our treatment program. In early treatment, we routinely suffer from anxiety, uncertainty, and feelings of being overwhelmed. Chiropractic care aids in relaxation by offering relief from addiction-related stress.
  3. Chiropractic therapy can help to restore emotional balance in those new to treatment. When we first enter treatment, we are bombarded with emotions we previously numbed with drugs, alcohol, food, gambling, or other addictive behaviors. Chiropractic therapy promotes the clarity of thought and inner calm that are necessary for emotional sobriety.
  4. One chiropractic technique, called cranial nerve stimulation, or auriculotherapy, helps to re-pattern the brain waves that “hardwire” us for addiction. Cranial nerve stimulation is performed with a micro-current machine, set at particular frequencies.
  5. The use of chiropractic therapy has been shown to increase the rate of completion for detox and rehab patients, to as high as 98 percent – or nearly double the national average rate of 56 percent for those who don’t receive chiropractic care in treatment.

As beneficial as chiropractic care is in our treatment program, it’s not a cure for addiction. Drug and alcohol addiction is a progressive, incurable, and fatal disease if left untreated. Chiropractic care, which is meant to be a short-term therapy, is one of many treatment approaches to help put our disease in remission. It should be used to its fullest effect, along with several other treatment modalities.

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5 reasons you should consider chiropractic care during treatment