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5 Reasons Why Getting Help Will be a Win

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Addiction is a strong disease.  The sickness generates feelings of worthlessness.  The person with an addiction has lost control of their life.  Normal functioning and day to day responsibilities start to be not as important.  In order to regain control, the addict should find help.  The first step of recovery is to get treatment from the professionals.  Asking for help shows willingness to change, self-awareness, love for others, active growth, and strength.

Willingness to change

Admitting to lies can feel embarrassing and shameful.  An addict has been lying to themselves and others about the problem for a long time.  Admitting wrongdoings is a humbling experience.  Realizing the will to change is in reach builds strength.  The addict will be more successful in life when habits are redirected.  Positive self-talk gives a stronger will to do better.  Self-improvement is a win in life.


One of the difficult parts of treatment is becoming more mindful of one’s self.  By seeking treatment, the addict is already becoming self-aware.  A conscious effort to change builds on self-awareness.  Looking inward will become easier as sobriety continues.  Fewer mistakes and bad decisions are made.  The addict now has direction and can move forward.

Acknowledging Others

Self-awareness is also acknowledging others are being hurt.  Behaviors of anger, distrust, and manipulation destroy relationships.  Getting help shows the addict is thinking of other’s well-being, also.  Rebuilding friendships and caring for others will help the addict become successful.  Seeking treatment helps everyone involved.

Taking Action

Many people have strong fears.  Fear of being alone.  Fear of being weak.  Fear of being a failure.  Overcoming the fears and taking action makes the individual stronger.  Making plans to get better or succeed is only thinking about the problem and not taking action.  Winning the battle of addiction needs execution, not just planning.

Showing Strength

Overall, seeking help and treatment is succeeding.  Winning the battle of addiction will only happen if the motives are acknowledged.  The addict has to know caring for others and willingness to change begins with asking for help.  Knowing personal worth and admitting to wrongdoings shows great strength.  Taking action over addiction and sobriety will become easier to understand as treatment continues.

Fear and shame can cripple a person.  Asking for help is a humble way of showing strength.  Call Design for Change so we can help you see how strong and worthy you really are.  Make the change one step at a time, one day at a time.  (877)267-3646

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