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5 Ways to Enjoy Summer Without Alcohol

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An alcohol-free summer can be more fun than you imagine.  Of course, the idea of getting through the summer months sober can be a bit daunting.  Will you be able to attend a pool party or a barbeque without accepting a drink or two and risk relapsing? 

If you prioritize your sobriety, your summer without alcohol will be more enjoyable than you expect.  How do you prioritize your sobriety?  The first step is to develop strategies to help you avoid triggers and maintain control.  Enjoying an alcohol-free summer is possible when you have a plan.  

Tips for Enjoying an Alcohol-Free Summer

Before attending a social event that serves alcohol, keep these tips in mind.  

Make Plans to Leave Early

The less time you spend battling temptation, the easier it will be to stay sober.  Remember, one drink often leads to another, so don’t put yourself in a  risky position.  Plan to leave early to limit the time you spend in the presence of people who are drinking. You should be able to make a convincing excuse for your early departure.

Bring a Sober Companion 

If you’re the only non-drinker at the party, you may feel like everyone’s looking at you and wondering why you don’t relax and have a drink.  This situation could convince you to give in and take one drink.  To avoid this scenario, take a sober friend to the party with you.  If you take someone who understands what you’re going through, things won’t seem so overwhelming. 

Take Your Own Alcohol-Free Beverage

When people are drinking, it makes them feel better if everyone else drinks and loosens up, too.  If they keep offering you drinks, it’ll be difficult to keep saying no thanks.  But, if you have a drink in your hand, they aren’t as likely to offer you one.   Chances are, they won’t know your drink is alcohol-free.

Get Busy Having Fun

It’s not easy mingling with a bunch of intoxicated people when you’re the sober one.  If boredom tempts you to drink, do something to distract yourself.  Suggest an activity that everyone will enjoy such as dancing, karaoke, or a party game.  This type of activity will keep you from focusing on the booze.

Make Sober Activities Your Priority

Many of the summer parties or activities you’re invited to will include alcohol.  You may feel obligated to attend anyway because family members and friends will be there.  But, if you aren’t confident of your ability to resist alcohol, politely decline the invitation.  

Your self-help or other support groups may have suggestions for sober activities in your community where you can celebrate summer with other sober people.  You can also arrange your own sober cookout or other activity.  Maintaining sobriety is your responsibility, so don’t hesitate to do what you feel is necessary to help you enjoy an alcohol-free summer.

Hopefully, these tips for a sober summer will help you avoid relapse and enjoy the many benefits of sobriety.

Benefits of a Summer Without Alcohol

Aside from the absence of a hangover and withdrawal symptoms, a summer without alcohol has many benefits you’ll appreciate.  First, you’ll discover the advantages of spending quality time with others.  How many times in the past did you forget what happened while you were intoxicated?  Spending the summer sober will allow you to store fond memories that would have been lost if you were drinking.  

Saving money is another benefit of an alcohol-free summer.  Those fancy mixed drinks or designer alcohol products are expensive, so think how much money you’ll have for other things since you’ve stopped drinking.  Furthermore, after a sober summer, you’re more likely to stay sober all year long.

The most outstanding benefit of a sober summer is improved health.  A range of ailments and diseases are associated with alcohol consumption, which can affect your ability to reach your fullest potential.  Stopping alcohol use can reduce or prevent some of its damaging effects.

The Path to Long-Term Sobriety

With every one to two years of staying sober, you increase your chances of maintaining lifelong sobriety. The results of a study conducted by the NIH show the likelihood of maintaining long-term sobriety:

  • Up to one year sober – 38%
  • 1 to 3 years sober –  66%
  • 4 to 5 years sober – 84%
  • 5 or more years sober – 86%

In other words, after one or two years of sobriety, your chance of lifelong sobriety is steadily increasing.  Also, staying sober during the summer months will make it easier to avoid alcohol during winter holiday celebrations.

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5 Ways to Enjoy Summer Without Alcohol