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8 Ways To Be A Better Person When You Get Sober

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When we choose to remove the substances that keep us from having clarity and choose to become sober, it is often much easier to be a better person. Since dishonesty and shame are usually a big part our lives while we are using, life becomes better for ourselves and those around us when we are sober. adjust our ways in becoming a better person.

  1. Doing the right thing. It all starts with making the decision to not pick up any mind-altering substances on the daily. By doing the right thing and staying sober, it can create a domino effect in other areas.
  2. Being a good example. Getting sober and staying sober shows others struggling with addiction that they can become sober too. It does not mean that we are a perfect people, but rather a ray of hope that sobriety is achievable for others.
  3. A change in mindset. Is life better sober? Living sober gives us the opportunity to have a more positive thought process. Instead of thinking where we are going to get our next high, we will have more frequent thoughts of how we can stay sober.
  4. Having a more honest lifestyle. If we are sober, then there is no reason to lie about our addiction any longer. No more hiding paraphernalia or bottles. Also, the fear of being caught will go away and will leave more room for honesty.
  5. Going the extra mile. If we are going to any lengths to stay sober, then we are beyond a shadow of a doubt extending ourselves beyond what is expected. This is part of what can help you be a better person while sober – your loved ones will appreciate you going the extra mile.
  6. Practicing consistency. Conforming to sobriety creates momentum one day at a time. Consistency is a factor in lasting progress.
  7. Improving Our Health. Drugs and alcohol can do a real number on our bodies and minds. Most of the time, removing the abused substance in a safe manner will begin an instant improvement in our health.
  8. More purposeful life.  Living for drugs and alcohol became the fulfillment of our lives. Without these substances, we begin to understand what we are capable of truly living for.

We are destined to become better people in sobriety. These reasons are clear scenarios of how we will become better people in our lives. A trickle of goodness is a great starting point in having the life we have always wanted. We can become better people and then continue to become better at other things because fundamentally we are exceptional people.

Hope exists in recovery. Design For Change offers a range of recovery programs and services providing refuge to those suffering with addiction to change their lives one step at a time. For information, call: (877) 267-3646

8 Ways You’ll be a Better Person When You Get Sober