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Addicts are Not Failures

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People with addiction are shunned and looked down upon by society.  The stigma with addiction fears people and keeps them from seeking help.  Anger, paranoia, and resentment also hold the addict back.  Normal functioning is impaired by the drugs and alcohol.  Behavioral changes become habits and breaking the cycle is very difficult.  The addict needs to know addiction is a disease and treatment is necessary in order to change.  The first step is to admit the problem.

Addiction is a Disease

A disease is the condition of a living plant or animal that impairs normal functioning.  The brain’s functionality is affected by the use of drugs and alcohol.  Treatment is necessary to manage the disorder.  The neurological aspect of addiction is what sets it apart from other diseases.  Pathways of neurotransmitters are altered in the brain.  The change of pathways stay open and create urges.  The addict’s behavior is one of the first signs of substance abuse.  The physical symptoms can become chronic and continue as long as the substance is being used.  Therapy could continue for the duration of the individual’s life, when necessary.  Dedication to fighting the disease will show the individual is moving forward in life.


The brain’s functionality is altered from abusing drugs and alcohol.  Relapse is common with addiction and comparable to a disease resurfacing.  Most of the brain’s functionality can be corrected with treatment.  Without treatment, normal day to day functioning will become worse.  Behaviors will continue to be erratic.  Not having the ability to control eating habits, sleeping patterns, personal hygiene, and other self-care create a life of chaos.  Relationships will diminish when basic responsibilities are not taken care of.  Loss of job, home, car or any other downfall will feel similar to failure.  The addict needs to understand the loss of control is not failing while refusing help is.  

Admitting the Problem

Once the addict acknowledges addiction as a disease, relief will be available.  The individual is not a failure and shows strength when seeking help.  The substances give a false sense of pleasure.  When the ‘high’ wears off, depression will set in.  Abstinence is a success against the disease.  Admitting the problem shows a willingness to change, which is not a failure.  Successful recovery begins with knowing there is no failing when the effort is present.    

Addiction can feel like a failure.  Life and health can fall apart because of addiction.  The first small success to change begins with calling Design For Change.  We can help you find a new successful life.  (877)267-3646

Not Failures