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How to Avoid Health Insurance Scams

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All too often, people fall for health insurance scams that prey on the most vulnerable members of society. Unfortunately, these types of scams are more numerous than ever, and it can be difficult to tell the difference between authentic insurance and shadier offerings. It’s especially important for people who are suffering from an addiction to have a reputable health insurance company, because recovery often incorporates medical services. While we do everything we can to help addicts avoid relapses, it’s essential to have a health plan in place in case of an overdose. If you’re shopping for insurance, look for these red flags that indicate a scam:

Too Good To Be True 

Sometimes people give companies the benefit of the doubt when it comes to excessive claims. After all, it can be hard to imagine that there are people heartless enough to take advantage of another person’s health issues. Sadly, it’s all too common, and what looks like an extraordinary deal is actually just there to grab attention. By the time the policyholder actually has to use their plan, they realize it doesn’t provide what they thought it would. It’s easy for a sham company to seem legitimate – some have a nationwide network and comprehensive marketing, but looks can be deceiving. If they claim to offer things like lower prices for signing up quickly, a “medical discount card,” or just abnormally low rates, they probably have something to hide.

Unconventional Tactics

Most insurance companies have a relatively thorough sign-up process. There’s a large amount of information to gather to start a health insurance plan. If you only need to provide a few pieces of information, and the process seems too simple, look closely at what you’re signing up for. If you receive an email or phone call that says their type of service is “required by law,” they’re probably trying to scare you into buying their fake services. Even worse, some companies claim to have licenses that don’t exist. Be wary of a company you’ve never heard of before, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. If the insurance representative doesn’t specify exactly what the insurance plan covers and how much it costs, it’s time to look elsewhere.

It Just Doesn’t Feel Right 

If you have any hesitations about an insurance provider, it’s best to listen to your intuition. Look up online reviews concerning the company to see what other people have said about it – but take them with a grain of salt – shady companies often post fake reviews to make themselves look better. Legitimate health insurance companies will survive without your business, but fake ones will seem desperate for you to sign up. Listen closely to what they have to say. Most importantly, ask your friends and family which services they use, and if they like them. There’s nothing more trustworthy than a first-hand account from someone who actually uses the insurance.

At Design for Change Recovery, we do everything we can to make the insurance payment process as smooth as possible. We want to help you avoid any unnecessary slowdowns when you need treatment. Most major PPO and HMO insurance providers cover at least a portion of treatment costs, and you can always contact us if you have any questions about your specific plan. If you’re looking to buy new health insurance, get in contact with our experts first – you don’t want to get stuck with a scam service that won’t help with your addiction recovery treatment. Addiction is an illness, and getting better shouldn’t feel out of reach. See why our affordable services can help you change your life.

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