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What Are The Benefits Of Music Therapy In Addiction Treatment?

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Music therapy is not new in addiction treatment. The alternative therapy form has been gaining popularity in addiction treatment for its numerous creative benefits for healing mind, body, and spirit. Benefits of music therapy in addiction treatment can include:

  • Looking at emotions: There is no doubt that music is filled with emotion, created out of emotion, and inspires emotion within us. You can listen to a song and be filled with happiness, sorrow, grief, love, sadness, anger, and more. Music is the orchestration of emotion, which many people cannot access on their own. A music therapist can choose songs for a client to listen to, encourage them to write lyrics, or co-create a song which expresses their emotions
  • Building self-esteem: Learning to play an instrument is a confidence building activity. In music therapy, clients have the opportunity to learn how to play instruments and write songs. However, making emotional breakthroughs or discoveries can also be big boosts to self-esteem. Sometimes, when treatment and therapy get stale, it can be difficult to stay optimistic. Using music as a tool to navigate areas where traditional therapy falls short allows clients to recognize their abilities.
  • Raise Self-Awareness: It is difficult to play an instrument and be somewhere else at the same time. Being aware of yourself, your thoughts, and your distractions is important in music. Additionally, simply listening to music can raise self-awareness. Becoming aware of your emotions and responses to music gives you more awareness of how you work and what you are inspired by.
  • Encourages Relaxation: Many musicians have expressed the deep feeling of relaxation they experience when they play their instrument of choice, jam with friends, or just listen to music. Music is a form of meditation in its own way. Meditation and music both have been proven to promote relaxation and reduce stress.
  • Vibrations Are Healing: Sound healing is another alternative form of treatment which helps relieve pain, reduce stress, and promote wellbeing. Music is full of sound waves and vibrations which resonate from head to toe. Symphonic chords echo throughout the body and neutralize the body’s energy, helping it not just relax but maintain healthy rhythms in all of its systems.

During a client’s time throughout the long term treatment options at Design For Change, they are encouraged to learn how to play an instrument. Full of cognitive benefits, music therapy supports clients in creating change, one step at a time. For information on our treatment programs and recovery services, call us today at (877) 267-3646.

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