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Is It Better To Go To Detox Or To Detox At Home?

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Home QA Is It Better To Go To Detox Or To Detox At Home?

can you detox at home safelyDetox is the initial period of recovery immediately after drug and alcohol abuse is stopped. Not everyone will experience a detox or a severe detox. Most people will experience, at least, psychological symptoms of withdrawal through their first few weeks and months of recovery. Withdrawal symptoms are most severe in the first few weeks of the recovery process but can last through Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome, or PAWS, for 18 months of recovery or more.

Each person will experience their detox differently according to their unique body chemistry, their drug of choice, and what their substance abuse was like. People who have developed a high tolerance to their drugs and alcohol of choice will abuse their drugs of choice in high volumes, creating a deep physiological withdrawal. The more that the brain and the body are dependent on drugs and alcohol, the more severe their detox is. When does that severity necessitate going to a clinical detox?

Addicts and alcoholics are not the best judge of their drinking and using. Their inability to weigh out the consequences of their using choices, for example, is any indication. Many addicts and alcoholics spend years of their life struggling with denial. They resist confronting the reality that their drinking and using have become a problem. Typically this manifests through their inability to give up attempting to control their drinking and using, which is ultimately a sign that they cannot control their drinking and use. It’s not that bad; I’m not that bad, I can quit tomorrow, I’ll be fine are statements and beliefs that can sadly but realistically take someone to the grave.

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If you aren’t sure whether or not you need detox, you should call a professional detox center or treatment provider who offers detox like Design For Change to find out. While it is possible to detox safely at home, it is also very possible to detox dangerously at home. Just recently, this fact came to the spotlight as actor and celebrity Nelsan Ellis died of heart complications during his attempt to detox from alcohol at home.

Detox from drugs and alcohol presents genuine complications that you and your family members cannot handle unless trained medical professionals. Severe detox can include heart complications, seizure, stroke, hallucinations, psychosis, and more. You put yourself at risk for handling these issues without medical care when choosing to detox at home.

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