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Why is Long Treatment Better For Addiction Recovery? Top 5 Reasons

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The traditional 30 day “rehab” stint is increasingly being frowned upon by professionals in the industry. Long term treatment has proven to be more effective in supporting the development of life skills necessary for long term recovery.

  • Keeps You In A Safe, Recovery-Focused Environment: Treatment is focused on your recovery. By staying in treatment for longer amounts of time, you keep yourself in an environment of recovery. You have the ability to be in a program which keeps you focused. The world is full of temptations outside of drugs and alcohol. While you have the opportunity, keep yourself in a place where recovery matters- because it does.
  • Ongoing Structure Holds You Accountable: Leaving treatment after a short period of time is not as effective. While you’ve gained some important tools and made great breakthroughs, there are always opportunities to learn more. Often it is said that it takes 90 days to break a habit. By committing to a few months more of treatment, you are able to stay accountable to learning how to stay sober, live productively, and be your best self. Without treatment, you might be tempted to regress into old behaviors, which can eventually lead to relapse.
  • Trained And Professional Staff Members: Creating a network of support for your recovery takes time. In treatment, you are guaranteed to be surrounded by a loving and dedicated staff who are trained professionals for handling addiction and early recovery. You are always understood and supported. When you need to talk in the middle of the night, ask questions, or receive guidance for a tough time, people are there.
  • Peers In Recovery: In addition to professional staff members are peers in recovery going through the exact same process you are. Nobody can have better understanding than someone in the same groups, the same activities, and has the same amount of time sober as you.
  • Transitional Process: A large mistake many addicts in recovery make is diving into independence too soon. Long term treatment usually involves stepping down through phases of treatment from inpatient to day treatment to intensive outpatient to outpatient. With each level your hours in treatment reduce, giving you increments more of independent time to find a job, go to school, or start creating a program of recovery for yourself outside of treatment.

Design For Change offers a variety of treatment programs on multiple levels. We encourage our clients to commit to long term treatment in order to find full victory in their fight against addiction. For more information on our programs and recovery services, call (877) 267-3646.

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