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Biosound Therapy Can Prevent AMA Discharge As Crisis Intervention

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AMA discharge stands for against medical advice. Sadly, in treatment, this happens all the time. A client decides that they do not want to be sober, they don’t like the treatment program, they don’t think they can handle being in treatment, that the drugs and alcohol are manageable. Whatever the excuse, they convince themselves that they have to leave treatment. Typically, they are in a frenzied state. They cannot be calmed down enough to see the big picture of staying in treatment just a few more weeks or months in order to live the rest of their lives in peace. Against medical advice, they discharge from treatment. Many relapse shortly thereafter.

One of the biggest challenges treatment centers face is crisis intervention. Trained 24/7 nursing staff and onsite therapists can only do so much with their words. Breathing and meditation exercises can only go so far to calm a state of panic. Biosound therapy is an innovative and proven alternative therapy method which targets internal systems through binaural beats, vibrations, and sounds. The body and the mind naturally respond to the vibrations and sounds resonating from head to toe. According to the biosound healing website, bio sound therapy works because:

  • “Binaural beats induce a theta level meditative state”
  • “Low frequency vibrations trigger a natural relaxation response”
  • “Coherent heart rhythm patterns synchronize the body”
  • “Positive affirmations develop mindfulness and awareness”

The therapy can involve playing music, inspirational videos, and passing images of nature. Watching nature documentaries or clips has been proven to be as effective in enhancing wellness and inducing calm as getting into nature itself. Combining the guided imagery in addition to the vibrational massage created by sound as well as calming music makes the biosound therapy experience immersive. Rather than being talked to or physically touched, the biosound therapy process combines all the senses for a healing experience.

Why is biosound therapy helpful for addiction treatment?

Addiction scrambles the body’s most inherent systems for regulating emotion, thinking clearly, and connecting the brain to the body. Recovery today takes a holistic approach to treating addiction because it has to focus on the relationship between the mind and the body. When either the brain, the body, or both are in a frenzied state, there is no way to conceptualize the future- i.e., the importance of staying sober in order to fully experience life. One session at a time, biosound therapy gives clients that opportunity to be completely relaxed and realize that even without drugs and alcohol, everything is okay.

There is freedom in recovery. Everyone is capable of the changes it takes to live a lifetime of sobriety. Design For Change provides treatment and recovery options focused on proven wellness solutions that target body and mind. Our emphasis on the twelve step process and evidence based therapeutic practices offer our program participants an unparalleled peace of mind. Seeking treatment doesn’t make you a failure. You’re a winner. Call us today for more information: (877) 267-3646

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