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The Benefits of Biosound Therapy

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Therapy comes in all different shapes and sizes.  The benefits to each technique work differently for each patient.  Talk therapy is commonly used with addiction.  Group sessions are also used for study and treatment.  A new technique has recently seen attention and valuable results.  Biosound is a vibrational platform.  The use of Biosound incorporates sound, beats, vibrations, and guided imagery to relax and refocus the client to a calming state.  The benefits for the staff and the patient are fantastic. 

Staff Benefits of Biosound Therapy

Treatment facilities have wonderful staffs aiding to the patients.  The people who care for individuals with addiction and mental illness have unique characteristics.  Big hearts and open minds help the patients get through the difficult journey.  The staff can do a better job of caring for the patients when the individual is cooperative.  When a patient has an episode or painful withdrawals, the staff’s job becomes more difficult.  Helping someone who doesn’t want to be helped creates conflict.  Relieving pain for the client encourages the staff and aids the detox process.  The Biosound Bed treatment can calm the patient to the point where the staff can assist the individual without any issues.  The option of the treatment also relieves the staff from overexertion.  

Patient Benefits of Biosound Therapy

The mind and body connection are exuberant.  Reaction to one relates to a result in the other.  Having a treatment geared to serve both will change the addiction and mental health world.  A Biosound Bed has several different features.  Laying in a comfortable position, with pulses and vibrations running through the body begins a state of relaxation.  Different sounds and music change the emotional state of the patient.  Guided imagery shows the patient what to focus on to change the thought process at the time of treatment.  Encouraging words and affirmations aids the patient in feeling more confident.  Each aspect of the Biosound treatment, combined together, sends the client to a meditative state.  A staff member is present at all times of treatment.  Having a nurse or therapist present reminds the patient they are not alone.  When the client is ready, communication is open.  The staff member has an opportunity to connect with the patient in a different way.  Creating person to person connections are beginning stages of recovery.

Stress and painful detox scare addicts from seeking help.  Be fearless with Design for Change and experience relaxation with our Biosound bed.  Call (877) 267-3646 to make the change today.