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Dual Diagnosis In California

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Some of the best dual diagnosis treatment centers are in Southern California. Design For Change Recovery Services is a greatalcohol rehab in California that is located where the desert and mountains meet so it is sunny, warm and the air is fresh. Design For Change Recovery Services is not only a great alcohol rehab, but also a very successful marijuana rehab and other drug addiction rehab. This treatment center aims at healing their patients for life so they can remain sober and healthy many years after they leave treatment.

Anyone and everyone suffering from an addiction should have the opportunity to heal and have access to professional drug addiction treatment. Design For Change Recovery Services offers treatment programs that are covered by most insurance companies and also offers other forms of affordable care. Design For Change Recovery Services offers a wide variety of services to their prospective patients, families of patients and even patients that have already completed their program. At Design For Change Recovery Services services include interventions, detoxifications, drug and alcohol assessments, personal and individual counseling and much more.

With things like marijuana rehab or alcohol rehab, patients usually have other deeper issues that have fostered these addictions or have been caused by these addictions. Design For Change Recovery Services provides treatment for dual disorders so their patients can truly heal from the inside out. Patients are encouraged to exercise and communicate with other patients so they do not feel so alone or trapped in the facility. Design For Change Recovery Services is all about changing their patients lives for the better.

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